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Short & Simple Example Sentence For Now An | Now An Sentence

  • But it is now an impossibility.
  • It was now an appropriate emblem.
  • Recovery is now an established fact.
  • It is now an obsolete term.
  • He had now an appetite for kings.
  • It is now an enormous field.
  • He is now an awesome sight.
  • And now an extraordinary thing happened.
  • You have now an opportunity of seeing me alone.
  • We have now an opportunity of fraternising with the world.
  • I had now an opportunity of examining my host.
  • Fields was now an entire master of the situation.
  • But now an unexpected difficulty met her.
  • And he was now an old man of eighty.
  • This has now an interest almost historical.
  • He is now an extremely wealthy man.
  • There is now an end of mystery and fear.
  • We had now an opportunity of examining our habitation.
  • He was now an extremely aged man.
  • It is now an old and tumbledown place.
  • It has now an excellent wooden house and church.
  • The ace of spades is now an ace of clubs.
  • Now an entirely different feeling is aroused.
  • A third boy in the same office is now an editor.
  • And now an unforeseen consequence began to arise.
  • Pure liquid chloride of methyl is now an abundant product.
  • Hardly serious at first, he is now an enthusiast.
  • Now an uneasy horror was laying its hold upon her.
  • It is now an all-rail run of twenty-four hours.
  • Now an hour had gone, and the half was passing slowly.
  • Porriquet, unfortunately, was now an irritating old proser.
  • Might or might not Is now an idle question.
  • Mr. Obloski was now an incorrigible drunkard.
  • I'll worrk fer mesilf now, an' none other.
  • Now an idea struck me as I came down-stairs.

How To Use Now An In A Sentence?

  • Now, an American is able to see into that game right away.
  • Tom is now an ordained minister of the Gospel in America.
  • Now an office building across from the City Hall.
  • Don't now, an' never will, 'nless he meets 'em in hell.
  • Come right along now, an' I'll take you to them.
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