Now Just In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Now Just | Now Just Sentence

  • Tell me now just how you feel.
  • Now just listen to me.
  • Now just you be straight with me.
  • He knew now just how things were with her.
  • Now just listen carefully.
  • Now just expand the lungs!
  • Now just look at those fellows!
  • Now just tell me what tricks you are up to?
  • Now just why do you hate us?
  • These are now just bursting into blossom.
  • Now just look the proposition over from all angles.
  • Now, just look here!
  • Now just answer me one thing.
  • Now just think of the expense of such a thing!
  • Now, just listen to me.
  • Now, just where does it begin?
  • And now just take it a little easy.
  • The voices were now just outside the door.
  • Now just one word more under this head.
  • Now, just look at that!
  • And now, just look at him!
  • The fleet of boats is now just opposite to the window.
  • Now, just listen good.
  • Now, just look at your father!
  • He seemed to know now just how her mind was running.
  • Now just look at the whole thing sensibly.
  • Now, just one thing more.
  • Now, just look a minute.
  • I saw you as you are now, just like that.
  • Now just let us picture a scene.
  • Well, now, just think of it!
  • I can see it all clearly now, just at the last.
  • We have used storage wood but now just cut it fresh.
  • Now, just try and boil down a lb.
  • Fred is doing splendidly now, just as steady as a clock.

How To Use Now Just In A Sentence?

  • Now just one word, my friends.
  • I can see the ledge now, just above us.
  • Now just keep your eyes to yourselves, fellows.
  • If leave you now just a word, though.
  • Now just arising, brushed the myrtle-trees.
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