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  • He did render more permanent a noxious habit of mind.
  • In the most noxious role of Prig.
  • It is the noxious forms of animated life which are abundant.
  • Meantime, this spawning productivity is not noxious or needless.
  • They are much more susceptible than grown people to all noxious influences.
  • Some of the most troublesome and noxious insects are found among the moths.
  • However, there was no help for it, and few, if any, refused the noxious fluid.
  • Again Gerald swept her words aside like noxious obscuring cobwebs.
  • The earth bore grass, herbs, and trees, all useful and all noxious animals.

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  • She swallowed the noxious mixture with a grimace and was asleep in a few moments.
  • I never employ a male being who permeates his environment with the noxious weed.
  • Here, trouble and anxiety were like the noxious playthings of a race of children.
  • It has also the right and the duty of the gardener to pull up noxious weeds in his flower-beds.
  • A swarm of tiny noxious animals had bored a way into my inner man and hollowed me out.
  • In the water, it preys upon young mosquitoes and the larvae of other noxious insects.
  • They are physically weaker in early life, and succumb more readily to noxious influences.
  • Free agreement, free organization, replace that noxious and costly system, and do better.
  • But inordinate, capricious desires for improper, noxious articles, should of course, be opposed.
  • The material was first examined by the presence of such noxious substance as cyanides and found to be very satisfactory.
  • The fresh air has the power of removing much of the noxious effluvia received from the body by the clothing.
  • To the body and mind which have been cramped by noxious work or company, nature is medicinal and restores their tone.
  • The arguments then adduced on the wrong side of a question, are not so noxious and poisonous as disingenuous men wish to insinuate.
  • But on the other side the air is so noxious that no one can breathe in it for an hour: it is given up to serpents and poisonous animals and plants.
  • Reduvius and its allies belong to a large family of very useful insects, as they prey largely on caterpillars and noxious insects.
  • It is not exactly a noxious atmosphere; there is no palpable unpleasant odour in it, but it is used up, it is stale.
  • The crusaders soon began to suffer from the intense heat of the climate, and the flies and noxious insects which infested the camp.
  • We regard them as noxious creatures intruding where they have no right to be, preying upon us and giving us nothing but evil in return.
  • Besides encouraging the destruction of noxious beasts, Turgot did something for the preservation of beasts not noxious.
  • Great resistance might, perhaps, be made, if large measures were to be taken for the removal of noxious trades from great towns.
  • When water has long remained at rest, its noxious qualities appear; and when its surface has continued tranquil, its foulness gets into motion.
  • Mrs. James Blaisdell spoke the word as if her tongue were a pair of tongs that had picked up a noxious viper.
  • At my first transition from the cold and pure air without, to this noxious element, I found it difficult to breathe.
  • It is stated, that the fatal influence of the malaria, or noxious exhalations around Rome, has been much diminished by this practice.
  • Watching breathlessly, Dick and Tom waited for the last noxious insect to crawl sluggishly down onto the blanket and then off into the sand.
  • So much is this noxious plant liked by Baluchis, that it goes by the name of "khush-khorak," or pleasant food.
  • The primary use of taste is to guide animals in the selection of food, and to warn them against the introduction of noxious articles into the stomach.
  • Vegetables were allowed to rot in the cellars, and to make everybody sick with their noxious odors so that we might not be too much wedded to this transitory existence.
  • Something fixed and sure in their conjunction penetrated the noxious mists of his mind, and he saw that he had made one hideous mistake after another.
  • Was it the phantasm of one of those poor waifs and strays, having all their bestialities and diseases magnified; or was it the spirit of a tree of some unusually noxious nature?
  • Impure is what belongs to the bad spirit, whether because he created it, as he did certain noxious animals, or because he has established a hold on it as he does on men at death.

Definition of Noxious

Harmful; injurious.
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