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  • I sometimes make these nuclei as follows.
  • Their nuclei I could not observe.
  • Yet they nowhere run to nuclei or clusters much brighter in the middle.
  • We know such day dreams are nuclei and models for the dreams of night.

How To Use Nuclei In A Sentence?

  • Next above it a layer of swollen cells, the nuclei of which are indistinguishable.
  • Established at inland post offices they became the nuclei for crossroad trading points.
  • Another fact tending towards this same conclusion is that after this comet passed perihelion it showed several nuclei following each other.
  • As some criterion of the activity with which these are acting, it may be noted that with the ordinary stains their nuclei take the dye intensely.
  • The existence of the fire-mist and nuclei are assumptions only, and the way by which he tries to account for rotatory motion is clearly erroneous.
  • To guard them against robbers, &c., the entrances to these nuclei should be contracted, so that only a few bees can enter at once.
  • This necessitated the construction of rude but effective frontier forts, which not unfrequently proved the nuclei of hamlets that grew into considerable towns.
  • As they could not have been completely brought together again, we may suppose that in such cases the smaller nuclei were permanently separated from the main body.
  • It is possible that in other cases the apparent periodicity is due to the unavoidable errors of observation to which, owing to their diffused outline, the nuclei of comets are liable.
  • The nuclei in the dorsal and lateral regions of the entoderm are arranged in a very definite layer at the basal ends of the cells, though an occasional nucleus may be seen near the center of the layer.
  • The nuclei and comae of different comets exhibit few peculiarities to the unaided vision except in respect to brightness; but the tails of comets differ widely, both in brightness and in extent.

Definition of Nuclei

plural of nucleus
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