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  • The principal nuisances are the large eels.
  • May the shadows of both nuisances grow rapidly less!
  • We are always on the look-out for nuisances and alert to suppress them.
  • The provisions as to nuisances are extended to ships by an act of 1885.
  • Nuisances, they are still nuisances with a hereditary hold on history.

How To Use Nuisances In A Sentence?

  • One of the nuisances we had to encounter in the streets was that of railway touters.
  • A public prosecutor of nuisances is more wanted than a public prosecutor of crime.
  • Bells and mosquitoes are two of the prevailing nuisances of this thrice-sunny city.
  • The nuisances above enumerated are said to be nuisances liable to be dealt with summarily.
  • The enemies of freedom in every age have been rightly regarded as the pests and nuisances of their times.
  • These relate for the most part to nuisances and infectious disease, having special reference to ships.
  • The majority of the nuisances promptly got out but one especially vigorous and athletic member of the tribe remained.
  • Class amusements, be they for dukes or ploughboys, always become nuisances and curses to a country.
  • Now is it likely that any poor man, having one of these nuisances before his door, will go to such an expense to have it prevented.
  • The officers of the council consist of a clerk, a medical officer, a surveyor, one or more inspectors of nuisances and a treasurer.
  • These relate to obstructions and nuisances in streets, fires, places of public resort, hackney carriages and public bathing.
  • He was foremost in insisting on the sanitary improvements of the town, and that the inspector should proceed against those who suffered nuisances on their premises.
  • Of these all but the medical officer of health and inspectors of nuisances hold office at pleasure and receive such remuneration as the council may determine.
  • I know men out here who are the dependable daredevils of their brigades, who in peace times were nuisances and as soon as peace is declared will become nuisances again.
  • The county council have also the same powers as a borough council of making by-laws for the good government of the county and for the suppression of nuisances not already punishable under the general law.
  • There has taken place in me since that, no matter for what reason, an increase of self-confidence and confidence in fate such as turns men into nuisances or makes them successful.
  • He was expert in catching scorpions and the other nuisances of that kind which make Philippine housekeeping a burden to the flesh, and never after he was brought to me did we have any annoyance from them.

Definition of Nuisances

plural of nuisance
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