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  • But nurses and doctors are doing valiantly.
  • It beats trained nurses and business managers.
  • Along came the nurses and men with badges to help them.
  • We also wanted more doctors, nurses and cooks.
  • There were two trained nurses, and a half-dozen doctors.
  • The city has no nurses, and help is needed, and money.
  • She nurses and fosters And buries the peasants.
  • Several of the nurses and officers came from other hospitals.
  • They belonged to the part of nurses and soldiers that we were acting.
  • You have been the best of nurses, and just as kind and considerate as a sister.
  • A text-book for nurses and a reference book for physicians and nurses.
  • Inside were three nurses and two physicians, who smiled at the boys.
  • That means all those in charge of you, dear, nurses and governesses and all.
  • The doctor allowed one of the nurses and me to go for an hour's drive to-day.

How To Use Nurses And In A Sentence?

  • So he dismissed the nurses and tried to harden himself against whatever might happen.
  • Free milk depositories and district nurses and free dispensaries would save many of them.
  • They are much employed as nurses, and in those situations they discharge their duties well.
  • To her he was invaluable; the very tenderest of nurses, and the best of all companions.
  • Nurses and doctors, in ghostly white, had set themselves to various preparatory tasks.
  • Water-fowl swim and quack here, and children elude their nurses and get their feet wet.
  • I placed her in a hospital, under the care of good nurses, and the very best medical advice.
  • He sent away the nurses and sat by the bedside, and she spoke to him in short sentences, faintly.
  • One of the nurses and I went for another drive in a ramshackle carriage with two horses.
  • This morning the night nurses and I drove over to see the melon and tobacco fields.
  • We cannot imprison women again in a home or require them all on pain of death to be nurses and housekeepers.
  • It is so adjusted, as to be perfectly under the control of the nurses and teachers in charge of the room.
  • He could hear in memory the starchy rustling of nurses and the creaking of springs as the patients turned.
  • The doctor had sent in the nurses, and he had seen to a nice capable housekeeper being installed in the house.
  • I answered that he was dead; that my mother and myself were his attendants and nurses, and that this portrait was his legacy to me.
  • She fought with the servants, got into the way of the nurses, and disturbed the patients with her noise.
  • He would then be backed up by two nurses, and we must do him the justice to say that he was honestly anxious about his patient.
  • To adopt his own language, poverty and adversity were his nurses, and want and misery were his familiar friends.
  • Nurses and physicians soonest become intrepid or indifferent; but the rest of mankind recoil from the scene with unconquerable loathing.
  • Some of the women have become excellent nurses, and one or two of the boys show a distinct aptitude for medicine.
  • The Hospital was opened May 13, 1858, with three "Sister Nurses" and nine patients.
  • She would secure the best of yachts and the best of trained nurses, and a little voyage would be the very thing for her.
  • After returning to Toulgas the female nurses and sick troops who had been left there were again placed on board.
  • It was not long before the news of the awakening of Number 28 had reached the nurses and attending physicians.
  • See that the servants, nurses, and companions with whom they associate are not debased; and recommend scrupulous cleanliness.
  • Denis Quirk had resigned his room to the nurses, and when he slept stretched himself out on the couch in the dining-room.
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