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  • The arts and sciences received nurture and subsidy.
  • Who, in return, draw nurture from their subjects.
  • Next to atmosphere as an element in nurture I place ideals.
  • Hence nurture and culture alike are both conscious and unconscious.
  • The relation of nurture and culture to the ascent of the soul is now evident.
  • The growth of the soul is largely affected by the nurture which it receives.
  • There's nothing like poverty to nurture badness.
  • Every soul may plant and nurture it in its own garden, in its own Eden.
  • Woman, graceful as the swan, A wise man did nurture me.

How To Use Nurture In A Sentence?

  • For government is the nurture of man, and the government of good men is good, and of bad men bad.
  • At last they told him of the birth and nurture of Feridoon, who was destined to overcome him.
  • He was not imaginative, our Herr Haase; facts were his livelihood and the nurture of his mind.
  • Well, dost remember having given me then A child, that I might nurture him for mine?
  • To nurture inspiring aim and executive means into harmony with each other is at once the difficulty and the reward of the teacher.
  • The nurture of a wholesome vegetable occupied neither the whole of his ambitions nor even the greater part of them.
  • She refused to recognise Raymond, or receive from him any assistance in the education and nurture of his son.
  • The wholesale baptisms have their real significance in the frame of mind receptive for the patient Christian nurture that follows.
  • His education was scanty; his nurture was neglected; his discipline, if such it can be called, was to the last degree unwise.
  • It was done evidently with a mixed feeling of pride and a dislike of ostentation, which showed the nurture of Napoleon.
  • It is the outgrowth of a spirit of intense devotion to Jehovah, and it has helped in all ages to nurture the devotional spirit of its readers.
  • No community was so holy but that, through excess of zeal, over-inflamed by charity, it might nurture upon its bosom a fanged snake.
  • Woman to a far greater extent than man is in process of evolution; her powers dormant for want of liberating Nurture stimuli.
  • The best and only enduring nurture is that of a sweet, serene, optimistic, and thoroughly Christian environment.
  • Nurture supplies the liberating stimulus to the inheritance, and growth is limited, in exact measurement by the Nurture stimuli available.
  • Thus the mines of Wednesbury empty their riches into the lap of Birmingham, and thus she draws nurture from the bowels of the earth.
  • Current international activities in various fields which nurture mutual affection and a sense of solidarity among peoples need greatly to be increased.
  • She, bright-shining as the Asian myrtle florid in branchlets, which the Hamadryads nurture for their pleasure with besprinkled dew.
  • Henceforth memory must dwell on one thing only in the past, her rescue by Michael Snowdon, her nurture under his care.
  • It would seem, then, that Nurture is more important than Nature in seeking to explain the character of woman to-day.
  • It would seem as if she wished to testify her approbation of the home selected for her child, and desired only to nurture it until it should be old enough to fill it properly.
  • But he is moulded for law, lawful trade, civility, marriage, the nurture of children, for colleges, churches, charities, and colonies.
  • This is what would be expected in a hymn book, which for devotional even more than for liturgical use, needs to express and nurture the type of piety prevalent in its own time and circle.
  • We may go further and say that even then the tie of relationship does not become totally extinct, inasmuch as the party surviving has to provide for the nurture and education of children, should there be any.
  • And if they will direct their minds to the care and nurture of our wives and children, they will soonest forget their misfortunes, and live in a better and nobler way, and be dearer to us.
  • A prophet has no honor in his own country, and the hearth where a man's own kin are seated is too often the one to nurture the cockatrice's eggs of ill-nature and injustice against him.

Definition of Nurture

To nourish or nurse. | (figuratively, by extension) To encourage, especially the growth or development of something. | The act of nourishing or nursing; tender care
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