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  • What is said of the nutritive process?
  • When is the activity of the nutritive organs increased?
  • This is a highly nutritive drink for convalescents.
  • Flour, nutritive value; to carry.
  • One is the belief that beef tea is the most nutritive of all articles.
  • The nutritive value of mutton and lamb is practically the same as beef.
  • This nutritive process is attended with a certain degree of exhaustion.
  • But all that store of rich nutritive material is backing the enterprise.
  • And we may sum up this by saying that plants possess the nutritive soul.
  • As already mentioned, the blood is the nutritive fluid of animals.
  • If sugar be added to the cooked fruit, the nutritive value will be increased.
  • Nature's plan is to give to each specimen a nutritive ration.
  • Hyphae are-- (a) Nutritive or submerged.

How To Use Nutritive In A Sentence?

  • The nutritive value of the individual nuts should be firmly established in all its phases.
  • Water too is absorbed and expelled; the nutritive process in its original form has begun.
  • Haemolymph: the watery blood or lymph-like nutritive fluid of the lower invertebrates.
  • There is not much difference in their nutritive value; oatmeal gruel is somewhat more laxative.
  • All of this increase in bulk can only be accomplished by increased activity of all the nutritive processes.
  • The nutritive substances required by bacteria are here sufficiently dilute to make possible rapid growth.
  • We could well eat more of it, to the advantage both of the palatability and nutritive quality of our diet.
  • The admixture of charcoal with the soil, is said to be a means of adding to its nutritive qualities.
  • This nutritive concentration in nuts places them in a unique position among our natural food products.
  • The body is well tempered when the nervous system and the blood and the nutritive system all work in due harmony.
  • Haemoxanthine: a dissolved albuminoid in the insect blood, which has both a respiratory and nutritive function.
  • Why do we need with our meals the lighter green vegetables, although they have little nutritive value?
  • Yet at least it can be our aim ever to feed our minds only upon food of the finest quality and of a permanent nutritive value.
  • Because no food that we possess has so high a nutritive value as milk, for the amount of work required of the organs of digestion.
  • A nutritive fluid, of a whitish appearance, which is extracted from food by the action of the digestive organs.
  • Corn meal is one of the richest meals in nutritive value for its price, as it has an abundance of starch and a small amount of fat.
  • Yolk: the nutritive matter of an egg as distinguished from the living, formative material; = deutoplasm.
  • For instance, sugar is one of the most nutritive of all articles, being pure carbon, and is particularly recommended in some books.
  • According to Boussingaul its nutritive value is greater than that of the potato and it may be used constantly without ill effects.
  • Sense-perception is therefore the special function of animals, and they possess, therefore, the nutritive and the sensitive souls.
  • Use skim milk, which has had its fat content removed in the cream, but which still contains the full nutritive value of the milk.
  • Nutritive chamber: an enlarged section of ovarian tube, filled with granular nutritive material used in developing the egg cells.
  • The common fruits, because of their low nutritive value, are not, as a rule, estimated at their real worth as food.
  • Syncitium: masses of protoplasm with nuclei, found in ovarian tubes; giving rise to ova, nutritive cells or both.
  • Sweet corn, whether fresh or dried, is wholesome, and has a fair degree of nutritive value, as it contains fair amounts of both starch and sugar.
  • The apparent suddenness of the appearance of multitudes of such organisms as these in any nutritive fluid to which one obtains access is thus easily explained.
  • The nutritive process is also a kind of secretion, by which particles of matter are separated from the blood and conveyed with wonderful accuracy to the appropriate textures.

Definition of Nutritive

Of or pertaining to nutrition. | Nourishing, nutritional. | (archaic) A nutrient.
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