Nutting In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Nutting | Nutting Sentence

  • Everybody would go nutting in fall if he could.
  • So they concluded to turn their nutting party into a picnic.

How To Use Nutting In A Sentence?

  • To play hooky and go nutting is far better than to study and fit himself for earning a livelihood.
  • This sub-species is similar to Nutting Flycatcher but paler below and grayish above.
  • Kathie began to look up her old friends as well, and she joined the girls in several nutting expeditions, at which they had rare fun.
  • He stopped on his way back from dinner to tell her that he had engaged to take a party of his nephews and nieces nutting that afternoon, and that he wanted her to come.

Definition of Nutting

present participle of nut | Gathering nuts. (Often as in "to go a-nutting" or "to go nutting".) | (rare) Gaining favor or subjugating oneself.
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