Oak in a sentence

Definition of Oak

having a rich brown colour, like that of oak wood. | made of oak wood or timber | (wine, transitive) To expose to oak in order for the oak to impart its flavors.

How to use Oak in a Sentence?

  • Against the black oak of the chimneypiece she had almost the appearance of a framed cameo.
  • They turned in at the portico that extended out over the big oak doors of their club.
  • A little farther antiquarian conjecture is necessary to clothe the country with oak woods.
  • And he courteously conducted his sister to the massive oak doors, which closed solidly after her.
  • Hurrying to the shelter of a magnificent oak tree a hundred yards away, they sat down.
  • She would lie no easier in her grave for oak and brass handles, for plumes and crape.
  • Along the terrace parapet are tea-tables; a monster oak protects one from the sun.
  • The oak above my head is a murmurous haunt of summer wings, and wood pigeons coo from the beeches.
  • The next afternoon, Chuck arrived at the big oak tree in the corner of the woods.
  • Soon, Boy stopped walking and motioned with his hand towards two gigantic doors of oak and iron.
  • Often when I had sported my oak and was supposed to be reading, I was sitting with it before me.
  • One of the men whom White took from Red Oak led the posse to the camp on Pryor Creek.
  • The buds on the oak trees were swelling, while those on the maples were bursting into red and furzy bloom.
  • Here and there the oak beams are carved, and grinning man or snarling monster regards you from corbel or boss.
  • The foliage of the oak is already assuming a bright chestnut, though the leaves will remain throughout the year.
  • The moon, shining through the branches of the big oak tree made faintly-flickering shadows at her feet.
  • And she went up the wide oak staircase, thinking of the man who lay dead in the room at the end of the passage.
  • Back from the water the ground rose into a low hill, covered with oak and elm and ragged hickory trees.
  • Their fronts framed in dark oak with a filling of amber-colored plaster topple over the public ways until they almost meet.
  • Ranged along a brown-draped oak branch in the waxing light, crows show a lordly glistening of feathers.
  • There were herds of swine where the old oak forests had not yet been cut, but the swine-herd is usually not reckoned among songsters.
  • The oak got bigger and stouter at every stroke, and the rock didn't get softer, either.
  • The very thought that I was bound in matrimony to this woman sitting in the high-backed chair of carved oak was disgusting.
  • The job was not an easy one, the tough oak wood being almost enough to turn the edge of his chisel, and there being no purchase at all for the saw.
  • Danton took a hatchet from the canoe, and trimmed a fir tree, heaping armfuls of green boughs at the foot of an oak near the top of the slope.
  • The oak could not be silent, with his story of many days to tell, and keeping his leaves throughout the snow time, his speech is perpetual.
  • His cap had fallen off, and his head had crushed down into a bunch of slender oak twigs; his eyes were closed, and his callow face white as paper.
  • Sperver quickly opened the old oak door, and with torch uplifted, his hair all bristling in disorder, and excited features, walked in the first.
  • Behind the church was the rectory, a quaint old building, with pointed gables, deep bay- windows, and black beams of oak exposed to view.

Short Example Sentence for Oak

  • Abbott deliberately pushed over an oak bench.
  • The brave old oak was riven by the lightning.
  • Sidney Strong, Oak Park.
  • Or, Laying the Ghost of Oak Ridge.
  • If he could only be sure that his outer oak was safely latched!
  • The painting is continued on oak panelling across the organ screen.
  • The first oak leaves are delicately crimson at the end of the bough.
  • In the ivy's paler blaze the martyr oak stands mute.
  • The great oak was in a dense, deep-shadowed place, at the edge of the circle.
  • Dunstable and Linton sat for some time in the oak parlour of the "Blue Boar".
  • The Wolsey Oak is quite hollow, Sir Marmaduke, although none of us knew it.

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