Oars In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Oars | Oars Sentence

  • Noiselessly the oars came up again.
  • Even the oars had not been removed.
  • Two ran from the oars to him.
  • The oars were drawn in.
  • Instantly the oars became useless.
  • Then we hove the oars into the bushes.
  • They again took to their oars and pulled on.
  • Two oars were also found.
  • The oars rested on the water.
  • The oars lay beside them.
  • And the oars rattle in the oarlocks.
  • Peer bent to his oars and rowed on.
  • There are thirty oars in our boat.
  • It was for this that he had rested on his oars so long.
  • We lay on our oars for ten minutes.
  • My oars are too light and small for your boat.
  • The two oars slipped into the water.
  • Tom leaned on his oars and opened conversation.
  • Again the slow beat of the oars and nothing more.
  • It was propelled by oars of pure silver.
  • The men rested on their oars and listened.
  • So were the short oars that we used for paddles.
  • Then the two men took the oars again.
  • I slid one of my oars over into the dingy.
  • The oars would not go together.
  • We laid in the oars now and watched the pursuers.
  • Rudolf shipped his oars while he loosened his sword.
  • The oars were useless as rushes in her hands.
  • Just opposite her willow the oars stopped.
  • There were no oars at all along the sides of the raft.
  • I can hear oars dipping in and out of the water.
  • Of a sudden the oars jerked convulsively.
  • Helen heard the plash of his oars until he landed.
  • The figure at the oars was crooning softly.
  • And he doubled up at the oars and laughed silently.

How To Use Oars In A Sentence?

  • They relieved oars whenever possible.
  • Her oars flew in a flashing rhythm.
  • The oars bumped on the thole-pins.
  • The sound of oars was certainly heard.
  • The two oars guided the ship.

Definition of Oars

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of oar | plural of oar
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