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Definition of Oarsman

A man who rows a boat, either alone or with others.

How To Use Oarsman In A Sentence?

  • In rowing an oarsman is guilty of fault if he meets or even pulls up to his oar.
  • The master oarsman leaped from his seat and crashed his gavel down upon the sounding-board.
  • Bearing this amount of theory in mind, the oarsman should put it into practice thus.
  • The latter oarsman unfortunately lost his life in the Alps very shortly afterwards.
  • The boys could now hear the strokes of the oarsman who was in the lead quite regularly and distinctly.
  • He was conscious for half a moment that he took some pride in the superiority of the oarsman over the boys in the other boats.
  • We have said that proper diet keeps an oarsman up to the work which is necessary to bring him into good condition.
  • This is practically the sort of curve described by the head or shoulders of an oarsman who rows upon a sliding seat.
  • An oarsman who has no hang in his recovery can thus row a fast stroke with less exertion to himself than one who hangs.
  • At the belt of every oarsman dangled a sword, for boarders' work was more than likely.
  • Outrigger skiffs were not yet known; and an oarsman could not glide along at the rate of ten miles an hour.
  • Thirty yards distant, at the water's edge, the oarsman was beaching the dingey.
  • Never was an oarsman more wedded to vicious style and wanton waste of strength than the pet of the Tyne.
  • Many a green oarsman looks promising while the stroke is slow, but becomes all abroad when called upon to row fast.
  • The strain works off while the oarsman is warm to his work, but recurs with extra pain when he starts cold for the next row.
  • Thus in a trireme the thranite, or oarsman of the highest bank, was nearest the stern of the set of three to which he belonged.
  • When an oarsman becomes 'pumped,' he feels the task of recovery even more severe than that of rowing the stroke.
  • The oarsman swung into action again as silently and evenly as though Stubbs had pressed an electric button.
  • He should keep his eyes open to note any raw oarsman who shows signs of talent, and mark him to be tried and coached into form hereafter.
  • A spectator might as well have called to a man in a hundred-yard dash to stop running, to an oarsman in a race to jump out of his shell.
  • At high tide all the yellow flats were covered, and an oarsman must pull his boat across half-a-mile of water to go from the light to the point.
  • An oarsman should be impressed that nothing is more likely to militate against his dream of being selected than disobedience to this or any other standing order.
  • The handle of the oar should then be elevated, and more and more so as the decreasing way enables each oarsman to offer more surface resistance to the water.
  • Strange feet your shades defile; Or lest the burly oarsman turn his prow Within your guardian isle.
  • The girl raised her eyes, and looked at the oarsman with emotion, and Monsieur Dufour spoke for the first time.
  • Yet in one sense it pertains to coaching, because a mentor takes into calculation the capacity of an oarsman for exercising watermanship when making a selection of a crew.
  • The oarsman gains a little in reach by extending his shoulders, but he loses in rigidity of muscle, and consequently in the force which he applies to the oar.
  • In time the oarsman begins to accustom himself somewhat to his diminished allowance of fluid, and he learns to economise it during his meals, to wash down his solids.
  • Many a coach will agree that he has often felt in later years that, if he had his time over again with this or that oarsman or crew, he would now form a different judgment from what he formerly did.
  • The strain on the legs caused by the friction on the seat prevented the oarsman from maintaining the action for long, and meantime it took so much out of him that it prematurely exhausted his whole frame.
  • The very best oarsman is liable insidiously to develop faults in his own style which he himself, or a less scientific performer, would readily notice in another person.
  • When an oarsman is exhausted in a race, it is of supreme importance that, though unable to do his full share of work, he should not mar the swing and style of the rest.
  • Next behind him and somewhat below him sat his zygite, or oarsman of the second bank; and next below and behind the zygite sat the thalamite, or oarsman of the lowest bank.
  • The value of slides is therefore beyond dispute, but the oarsman should realise that good sliding distances bad sliding quite as far as bad sliding can beat fixed seats.
  • If recovery is too slow, the oarsman becomes late in getting into the water for the next stroke; if he is too quick, he has to wait when forward in order not to hurry the stroke.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Oarsman | Oarsman Sentence

  • The oarsman was using his paddle openly and fast.
  • The oarsman was Dave's missing comrade.
  • The oarsman sits square, while his oar-handle moves in an arc of a circle.
  • In my skiff were eight persons, besides a negro oarsman named "Tucker.

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