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  • It is only where rivers intersect the plain that oases of luxuriant vegetation are formed.
  • He goes on ignoring all the interesting towns and oases on the way to his Timbuctoo.
  • These, at any rate, are bright oases in that somewhat dreary ride from Teheran to the sea.
  • In oases that deck the waste, Or in the mighty shadows traced By the eternal pyramids.
  • Moroccan oases differ one from another far more than those of South Algeria and Tunisia.
  • The monotony of the journey would only be broken on the vast oases of Merv, Bokhara and Samarkand.
  • There is a line of these oases extending along this westerly depression, and some of them are of considerable extent.
  • Here and there there were oases of dry ground, generally holding several heavy guns and dumps of ammunition.
  • There were several such oases in the large wilderness of garret, which covered the whole upper story of the old house.
  • In the swamps and timber they feasted, for these oases in what had been a sea of flame were filled with food ready to be preyed upon and devoured.
  • With a very little care, these trees would thrive excellently in all the oases of the coast of Peru.
  • The fruit varies much in size and quality; and in the oases of the Sahara forty-six varieties have been named.
  • He was thinking what a great deal of tact would be needed in buying up the land of the Oases from the natives, as he intended ultimately to do.
  • The oil made here is of peculiarly good quality, and is exported to Tugurt, and other oases of the Desert.
  • I longed to whisper in the ear of the laborer at the wheel that the world was not wholly a blasted place, but that here and there oases made green its barrenness.
  • To most people the word "oasis" evokes palms and sand; but though Morocco possesses many oases it has no pure sand and few palms.
  • Forder knew that only here and there in all those blazing, sandy wastes were oases where men could build their houses round some well or little stream that soon lost itself in the sand.
  • She found her way into new oases where food was abundant, and made great inroads upon the numerous eels and tench that were flocking up from the brook through the ditches and channels.
  • Notwithstanding, no cup of tea on the most welcome of oases could have prepared Evan for the intelligence awaiting him at the office when he got back to work in the evening.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Oases | Oases Sentence

  • It is the oases we want and it is muskrat we get.
  • She enjoyed these small oases in the desert of work.
  • On one of its oases he beheld a young Arab asleep.
  • In the oases the garuas are much heavier than in the adjacent wastes.
  • These nights were coming to him of late as oases in the deserts of weeks.
  • I speak of these things, for they were the oases in army life and drudgery.
  • The road emerged in oases of mud from long, inundated spaces.
  • There were at the time numerous intellectual oases in New York.
  • Like oases are these Freshmen to the Student-Body collector.

Definition of Oases

plural of oasis
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