Obese In A Sentence

How To Use Obese In A Sentence?

  • The lymphatic and obese can smoke more than the sanguine and nervous, with impunity.
  • The obese woman stood up, balancing her fantastic stomach by a backward bend of the spine.
  • The newcomer was a big, obese Corsican mountaineer, with a pleasant, round face and brown eyes.
  • It even escaped his observation that the obese Thrush was an unblushing gourmet with a cynical lust for Burgundy.
  • He was a tall, heavily-built, obese gentleman of about forty-five years of age, impressive, important, and supremely polite.
  • But the result would always be the same: a prolonged state of obese ecstasy culminating in the collapse of huge heaps of snoring muslin on the divans against the wall.
  • In a matter of seconds they had both fetched up at a brilliantly lighted house, where a more than usually obese policeman was alternately pounding on the door and splitting the sober welkin with his whistle.
  • Catching sight of my English paper, all three stared at me with an interest and friendliness that was in psychological contrast to the attitude of the obese civilian.
  • Neither had Trudy been able to win Steve by her Titian curls, baby-blue eyes, and obese compliments.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Obese | Obese Sentence

  • Lablache shrugged his obese shoulders.
  • Oozed from his form obese at every pore.
  • B, allowing for a slight rise in the ground, walks on an obese tabloid.

Definition of Obese

Extremely overweight, especially: weighing more than 20% (for men) or 25% (for women) over their ideal weight determined by height and build; or, having a body mass index over 30 kg/m2.
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