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  • It obeys both forces.
  • See that he obeys you where this is concerned.
  • It obeys laws it did not make.
  • He obeys instructions to the letter.
  • Nature serves only the man who obeys her.
  • The eye obeys exactly the action of the mind.
  • He does not think; he obeys orders!
  • She hates; no one obeys she to the end.
  • In thus producing the gas, the chemist obeys law.
  • Good is the passive that obeys Reason.
  • She, as the grateful daughter, obeys him blindly.
  • The Queen obeys old impulses.
  • She best obeys and reverences Heaven.
  • No; no man is disappointed who obeys the voice of God.
  • The Company obeys the King; we obey the Company.
  • She obeys at eve the voice of her own nature which she obeyed at prime.
  • No man can call himself educated until every voluntary muscle obeys his will.
  • And in that it obeys an imperative need, a fixed principle of reason.
  • He therefore prepares such lenses for his telescopes, and thus obeys law.
  • There is no vow of obedience; the monk obeys the law, not the human authority.

How To Use Obeys In A Sentence?

  • He is very tractable, and always obeys respectfully the requests of his teacher.
  • The strength in the love obeys the love passion and takes fresh hold in holding back.
  • She is happier, more capable of self control, more docile and obeys from love and faith.
  • He obeys the warning; his friends leave without him, and perish miserably in a great tempest.
  • Man can only act as man; he must obey his nature, as the stock or stone or plant obeys its nature.
  • If a firm, steady, yet gentle grasp is on the lines, the creature obeys in spite of himself.
  • He adores Barbara, and she respects, honors, and obeys him as if he were her father.
  • That she loves me I know full well; that she obeys my lightest wish, I allow, on my knees.
  • It obeys the operations of the mind, whether they be deliberately chosen or automatically expressed.
  • They know that the higher law is the reality, and that he who obeys it thus unites himself with the absolute self.
  • It obeys the perfect natural law of growth, and the peculiar awe it inspires arises from this fact.
  • Matter is shaped and penetrated by forces that are not material, and it obeys laws that attest an intelligence everywhere present.
  • The king obeys and ascends the crystal steps while the moon is just about to rise, and the east is tinged with red.
  • As such, each obeys the first law of motion, to wit, indefinite continuance of action until interfered with.
  • A gentleman stands by shouting out the different figures to be performed, and every one obeys his orders with much gravity and energy.
  • When the horse obeys the action of the snaffle, he will yield much more quickly to that of the curb, the effect of which is so much more powerful.
  • The grey unknown, the occult something, sternly issues its directions, and the merely physical obeys them.
  • Lava obeys the call and after some conversation in which he ridicules the powers of Rama and infuriates his antagonist, they go out to fight.
  • The man who obeys the written laws is not, indeed, worthy of praise, for he may be constrained thereto by fear of punishment.
  • Thus the individual, in later even more than in earlier times, obeys the laws not merely from selfish, but from social and religious motives.

Definition of Obeys

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of obey
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