Objected To In A Sentence

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  • Nobody objected to that.
  • I objected to the thanks.
  • Clara objected to leaving it.
  • The mother objected to this.
  • He objected to our friendliness.
  • This no one objected to.
  • I strongly objected to being mixed up in that.
  • He rather objected to that sign.
  • Nor was anything objected to this article.
  • Her husband objected to divorce.
  • Some objected to my retaining the skin.
  • They might have objected to be condensed.
  • One of them objected to one of his criticisms.
  • He objected to being startled in this manner.
  • Nevertheless, he objected to the fact.
  • And to-night he objected to it altogether.
  • No livery, if objected to.
  • Even our shipping people objected to trading with them.
  • The oldest girl objected to the delay.
  • Others objected to teaching us what we want to know.
  • I simply objected to make such an one my wife.
  • It was not the man he objected to, but what he stood for.
  • To marry a girl who even objected to a kiss!
  • Grellet, objected to a close search into her own linen.
  • He, perhaps, naturally objected to that.
  • I objected to the Committee having before them.
  • But Martin objected to this disposition.
  • It is known that they objected to Shantung.
  • There is much to be objected to in Shakspere.
  • It was the parting with my legs that I objected to.
  • But Reed objected to the trivial interlude.
  • Mr. Figgins only objected to a present of wives.
  • At the end of the first set Pansy objected to his methods.
  • Like other terriers, Pat objected to be carried.
  • Post-office, employment of women in, objected to, 21.

How To Use Objected To In A Sentence?

  • Neither Elinor nor John objected to the arrangement.
  • The West Indian colonies at once objected to this.
  • From the first Old Colonial objected to it.
  • But Mr. Mole objected to this arrangement.
  • Marble Imitated, Objected to, 89.
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