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  • Batavia possesses few objects of interest.
  • Beautiful objects infinite, 49.
  • These, then, are the two objects of colour.
  • Kant has sometimes spoken of them as the objects of a faith of reason.
  • I sat quietly and studied his face and the objects in the room.
  • It was starlight and objects could be distinguished some distance away.
  • One of the objects is the perfection of the Austrian machines and factories.

How To Use Objects In A Sentence?

  • One of the objects which we are frequently called upon to construct is a chair.
  • Colour is capable of giving to objects a charm which they could not possibly have without it.
  • Bad men are as likely to combine in the dark for their objects as good men are for theirs.
  • As she took in the sweep of country her gaze concentrated upon the moving objects she saw in it.
  • Yet a carpet must be neutral in its general effect, as it is the background on which objects rest.
  • Mark, first, it is to bestow on objects a charm, such as they could not have in its absence.
  • To prefer, is merely to judge, in view of desire, which of two objects is more agreeable.
  • Our reasons for applying colour to objects are twofold, and here, in fact, we see its true use.
  • The same is true of all our feelings; they are necessarily determined by the objects in view of the mind.
  • The glass which is adapted to distant objects takes away the vision of what is near and present to us.
  • He thought our objects might be accomplished by a display of force better and more cheaply than by active measures.
  • She knew nothing of the mental processes by which these external objects were associated with the deepest emotions of the heart.
  • Quotations grammatically in apposition or the direct objects of verbs are preceded by a comma and enclosed in quotation marks.
  • He does indeed describe objects of sense as regarded by us sometimes from one point of view and sometimes from another.
  • There are few objects to which colour may not be applied, and many articles which are now colourless might be coloured with advantage.
  • But this thought, however, didn't deter him from looking at the shapely objects below.
  • The daring enterprises of these ruffians were well known; the objects of their cupidity or vengeance were insecure even in palaces.
  • In the non-psychical world objects are easily discriminated in space, and the individual thing lasts through a time.
  • Another form of illusion is induced by objects seen indistinctly when the mind is disturbed and pre-occupied by some powerful and painful emotion.
  • But he is also a self-centered individual, with special endowments of nature, in his own person and in the material objects which are his.
  • Displayed, we are told, by dooming its helpless objects to eternal misery for the non-performance of an impossible condition!
  • Even the wagoners trudging along beside their ponderous teams, and traversing the kingdom, from one end to the other, were objects of envy to me.
  • Many objects of fancy shape have been produced as mere feats of glass-blowing, and with some of these efforts I sympathise.
  • But in the twilight, near-by objects become softened, the distance fades into the horizon, and a soothing picture is formed.
  • The lady, thus scared out of her first sleep, was scarcely able to distinguish the objects around her: terror made her dumb.
  • Of all the glorious objects these men and their disciples and contemporaries produced in Valladolid a few "disjecta membra" alone remain.
  • One evil to which secret societies are always exposed is the chance of the objects and principles of their members being misrepresented by those interested in resisting their power and influence.
  • From the small shining objects which are brought to our knowledge by the sense of sight, the reason rises to the true dimensions of those tremendous worlds.
  • The obnoxious objects stood some hundred yards away from the speaker, who waved toward them with his ax; and there was something suggestive in the comparison.
  • All objects present to the view exist, and are impressed upon the imagination with much greater energy and force, than those which we only remember to have seen.
  • Man may subject natural objects to his formative power, but the wild rage of senseless devastation again and again bursts forth to restore the original formlessness.
  • Two objects are placed before the mind: one affects the sensibility in a more agreeable manner than the other, and therefore the intelligence pronounces that one is more to be desired than the other.

Definition of Objects

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of object | plural of object

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