Obligation In A Sentence

Definition of Obligation

The act of binding oneself by a social, legal, or moral tie to someone. | A social, legal, or moral requirement, duty, contract, or promise that compels someone to follow or avoid a particular course of action. | A course of action imposed by society, law, or conscience by which someone is bound or restricted.

How To Use Obligation In A Sentence?

  • More particularly does this obligation weigh upon those who address the general public.
  • This would be a delicate way to discharge the obligation under which his kindness had placed her.
  • Here again the Christian religion has an opportunity and an obligation in times of war.
  • If you set me free from my bondage you put me under an obligation that I can never pay.
  • Nothing that I may ever say or do can repay even a mite of the obligation that is upon me.
  • All I wanted was quiet, and an asylum which inferred no obligation to strangers.
  • Still I do not think I am under any obligation to put their remarks down in black and white here.
  • Man is under no natural obligation to obey God; but, nevertheless, God is his highest good.
  • Seabury we are also under obligation for lending their rights over the texts of orations for this publication.
  • I owe you too great a debt to be able to express it in words adequate to my obligation and my gratitude.
  • This is the first great obligation of parents and of those who are willing to accept the joys and responsibilities of parenthood.
  • To the poore and miserable her loss was irreparable, for there was no degree but had some obligation to her memorie.
  • He let them know that they had no obligation to kneel before any man, even if that man was their leader.
  • For he declares that the Elector as a magistrate is under no obligation to attend to these matters.
  • They regard a giver as under some obligation to them, for affording him the means of observance of a duty imposed by religion.
  • When a national religion is arrived at, a social obligation of a new kind will evidently make its appearance.
  • As to the second class, their relations to the public are such that no public obligation arises except to pay them the stipulated salaries.
  • The said congregation is governed by special rules, whose observance does not impose the obligation of mortal sin.
  • The writer for the accurate use in this narrative of words in the Cree tongue is under obligation to experts.
  • In insignificant ease they lived and intrigued in their petty way, under no obligation to take sides in the politics of the truly great.
  • These, the husband was under obligation to provide, and in contracting for them, the law assumed that the wife was acting as his agent.
  • But their hats had to go off all the same, especially the hats of the fellows who were under some sort of obligation to All├Ęgre.
  • Where in such pietism do we find the universality of obligation involved in the ethical law of benevolence or in the Christian law of love?
  • It was what God was under no obligation to bestow: he might have rejected fallen man, as he did the fallen angels.
  • And is the reproof of a father,' said he, 'more formidable to you than all that your delicacy must suffer under obligation to a confident admirer?
  • They were freed, as before mentioned, from the obligation of paying tithes, and might, with the consent of the bishop, receive them.
  • Under the Old Testament dispensation every one was under strict obligation to give a fixed proportion of his substance for religious purposes.
  • We are under the most solemn obligation to take only our part of the store, and leave the rest untouched and unspoiled for those who are to come after us.
  • Adequate expression can never be given to the obligation under which those busy men and women who gave so generously and graciously their time and their thoughts have placed us.
  • I'll step before, And introducing you as my good friend, Confer on you one obligation more.
  • A promise by the husband before marriage as to the establishment of the place of residence of the family, created a moral obligation only and was a mere nullity in law.
  • As his moral perfection, the life of his life, is involved in this obedience, it is impossible that any power should lay him under obligation to disobey.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Obligation | Obligation Sentence

  • Neither is under any obligation to the other.
  • He is under obligation to them first.
  • She no degree but had some obligation to her memorie.
  • Asking for it puts you under no obligation to us except to read it.
  • Elementary considerations of statesmanship impose the same obligation upon us.
  • Our vote laid upon the man we cast it for no obligation of any kind.
  • What do we mean by the obligation resting upon us to tell the truth?
  • But the obligation to follow nature is scarcely felt as a yoke of constraint.
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