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How To Use Obliquely In A Sentence?

  • The harp will sound sweeter if placed in a window which is struck obliquely by the wind.
  • He illustrated this by observing the path described by a stone when thrown obliquely into the air.
  • Suddenly we came upon a wide fissure stretched obliquely like the mouth of a sole.
  • Wick a bore, hit a curling-stone obliquely and send it through an opening.
  • When reading, it is best to let the light fall from above obliquely over the left shoulder.
  • When it seemed as though their horns were touching her, the girl leaped obliquely into the ditch.
  • Cut each cylinder obliquely from end to end, forming two wedge-shaped portions.
  • From that point the markets, seen obliquely in the distance, filled him with enthusiasm.
  • Leaflets, 3-4 pairs, obliquely ovate, acute, the terminal leaflet nearly lanceolate.
  • Hearing those words of Achyuta in reply, Draupadi looked obliquely at her third husband (Arjuna).
  • Since they had left the direct path to the river and struck obliquely towards it there had been no sign of fugitives.
  • Increasing anxiety is depicted by slanting the eyebrows obliquely in a downward line toward the nose.
  • He might have continued on indefinitely had he not seen obliquely a window filled with musical instruments.
  • He was not coming up the bottom of the ravine, but aiming obliquely up the side for the trees high above.
  • Kipps observed manuscript of a particularly convulsive and blottesque sort and running obliquely across the page.
  • There were no lights in the room, but the rays of the rising moon entered obliquely through the window.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Obliquely | Obliquely Sentence

  • Pringle bore obliquely up to the right.
  • Olivia glanced up obliquely under her lashes.
  • He glanced obliquely at madame.
  • Roger looked obliquely at her with an approving eye.
  • There shot into his mind obliquely an irrelevant question.
  • Calyx obliquely truncate, 5-toothed.
  • Concave and plane mirrors, obliquely adjustable.
  • Contorted: twisted: obliquely incumbent upon each other.
  • She paused, glanced obliquely at the scrawl, and shrugged.
  • The mouth is prolonged obliquely in the form of a large tube.
  • This membrane is placed obliquely across the area of that tube.
  • They were now chasing the two men obliquely across the field.
  • A streak of gray sped swiftly and obliquely towards the earth.
  • This enables it to pass obliquely through the air from one tree to another.
  • It terminates at the lower end in an obliquely truncated articular surface.
  • Suddenly, the skirmishers strike obliquely an opposing line.
  • Dextro-cephalad: extends obliquely between dextrad and cephalad.
  • Sinistro-cephalad: extending obliquely from the left toward the head.
  • Sinistro-caudad: extending obliquely from the left toward the tail.
  • It is directed obliquely towards the south-east, like the chamber above.
  • It was a large room looking on a side street, and obliquely to the park.
  • He glimpsed obliquely at her, his old face full of whimsical tenderness.
  • He began to edge away, and walk obliquely and generally to shirk the issue.
  • Then I remember Thorns firing doubts at me obliquely across the table.

Definition of Obliquely

in an oblique manner; sideways
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