Oblivious In A Sentence

How To Use Oblivious In A Sentence?

  • She settled back on the cushions and by and by became oblivious to all about her.
  • Terence muttered in ecstasy, oblivious for the moment of the fate of the condemned.
  • Children were playing and bathing in the shallows, oblivious of the dead around them.
  • Then they both glanced again at Maria, who seemed quite oblivious of their attention.
  • But, oblivious of the bed, she stood for a long time at the window, staring out at nothing.
  • And far away in the dead's man's home lay an oblivious woman, drenched in the sleep of opium.
  • However, in the course of the interview, I soon made him oblivious of the Ball.
  • They are, however, oblivious of the fact that abasement in the path of God is My true glory.
  • They were apparently oblivious to all surroundings, except the music and what was before them.
  • Before her husband could reply her reason had vanished, and she remained oblivious to all around her.
  • In no case did they ignore her, but they were so cheerfully engaged in conversation that they were usually quite oblivious of her.
  • Struck with sudden admiration and oblivious pleasure, he opened the folding frames and stepped into the garden.
  • Cattle frequently pulled loosened posts from the earth by kneeling under the wire and working through, oblivious to the barbs.
  • To all on board he was to mademoiselle a stranger, and, moreover, perfectly oblivious to her very existence.
  • What is it in the nature of the Chinese which makes them appear to be so totally oblivious to the best they see in their own country?
  • And when he was gone she turned her face from the moonlit window and slept till morning, oblivious to the thieves and murderers that did not come.
  • His first editions of the poets made him oblivious to his condition and he lived once again on high Parnassus.
  • Certainly, his clothes were a little shabby, but quite good, and he was oblivious to the decayed atmosphere of his surroundings.
  • Whatever may have threatened Vetch, he seemed oblivious of it as he came forward with his hearty greeting.
  • To-morrow Amelia would remember his loss and mourn over it with maternal pangs; to-night she was oblivious of all but her own.
  • He must not forget his circumstances, nor let her tolerance render him oblivious to his place, which must be a servant's, not a lover's.
  • They lived, according to the selfish custom of lovers, in an Arcadia of their own creation, and were oblivious to the doings beyond its borders.
  • He had no wish that she should speak; he did not look at her or touch her; she was apparently deep in her own thoughts and oblivious of his presence.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Oblivious | Oblivious Sentence

  • She was oblivious to her surroundings.
  • She was nettled that he should be oblivious of his lapse.
  • Children scurry under foot, oblivious of contact.
  • Equally oblivious was he of Mrs.
  • And twice he had been oblivious to that token of their maturing understanding.
  • Katharine seemed equally oblivious of what was bad or of what was good in him.
  • Think not that coming years can render me oblivious to my present affliction.
  • She was entirely oblivious of her father's covert glances.
  • He was expected to moon around the campus oblivious of the world around him.
  • She looked like a child oblivious to everything but some innocent daydream.
  • But the boy just ran on and on, totally oblivious to their glances.
  • He was speaking now in a low and throbbing voice, oblivious of time and space.
  • Indeed, Valdana from the first was practically oblivious to those about him.
  • Betty was kissed, but for once Nesta seemed oblivious of her presence.
  • Stephen was perhaps the only person in the box quite oblivious of Lady Dolly.
  • He was oblivious of Mr. Forde's existence.
  • They had latterly grown strangely oblivious of their host's presence.

Definition of Oblivious

(usually followed by to or of) Lacking awareness; unmindful; unaware, unconscious of. | Failing to remember; forgetful.
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