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  • Place in oblong bread pans.
  • Their oblong emeralds on the leafy ends.
  • Many old squares have the oblong pin.
  • In plan it is an oblong of modest proportions.
  • The oblong sack was longer than my body.
  • The body is oblong and slightly flattened above.
  • Bake in a small oblong bread pan.
  • The ordinary oblong sink is an abomination.
  • The cup of the flower is oblong and quinquefid.
  • It was an oblong frame with a network of rope.
  • He brought out the shining oblong pieces.
  • The house formed an oblong of great size.
  • He presented himself at the lamp-lit oblong of the window.
  • Fossulate: a surface with oblong impressions.
  • The oblong head of well-balanced mentality.
  • Body greyish, oblong and narrow.
  • Before an oblong hut of large size it halted.
  • A high oblong portal showed within it.
  • Instead he seemed to know that leaden oblong by heart.
  • Rinse an oblong pan with cold water and drain well.
  • The doctor picked an oblong slip of paper off the pillow.
  • The winter twigs are set with oblong blunt leaf-buds.
  • It is a handsome tomb of oblong form, partly subterranean.
  • You take a small oblong biscuit tin and cut out one end.
  • His ego had no cosmos except that huge, oblong gas-bag.
  • It abode in a black, oblong box, like a little coffin.
  • For answer, Tarling took from his pocket a flat oblong box.
  • The size of this inner oblong you must determine for yourself.
  • It was an oblong room in which reigned the din of typewriters.
  • For a moment the entire building was as silent as the oblong box.
  • Near it there is a large oblong chest covered with iron bands.
  • Then cut and toast for each person an oblong piece of bread.
  • Near the center was a small oblong stone fitted into a hole.
  • Inside was an oblong sheet of paper filled with the same narrow handwriting.
  • He discovered that he was occupying an oblong green rug of satin.
  • It is an oblong mound containing altogether about twelve acres.
  • The curtains over the oblong entrance hung limp and motionless and mute.
  • An oblong metal plate is then cut and a central hole drilled.
  • For an oblong picture a small sketch under it looks well equipped.

How To Use Oblong In A Sentence?

  • There was an oblong spot of light thrown on the grass between him and the gate.

Definition of Oblong

Longer than wide or wider than long; not square. | Roughly rectangular or ellipsoidal | Something with an oblong shape.

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