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  • Since my wound obscured my worth!
  • Not a cloud obscured the sky.
  • And a rowing jargon obscured his speech.
  • A mist obscured the glimmer of the stars.
  • The mental picture obscured the actual.
  • There was no moon and the stars were obscured by clouds.
  • In their obscured haunts of inmost bowers.
  • The barrier no longer obscured his mind.
  • Big white and black clouds obscured the sun.
  • A blood-red veil obscured his vision.
  • The salt in his eyes at first obscured his vision.
  • The deadly gray wind had obscured all light.
  • A menacing cloud obscured the wintry moon.
  • The mirage of romance obscured the light of common day.
  • A little grey cloud obscured the blue light.
  • But to-night the darkness obscured even that image.
  • Suffused: clouded or obscured by a darker color.
  • A cloud of grey dust still obscured everything.
  • The houses obscured them; they were hardly visible.
  • The moon had risen, but was obscured by clouds.
  • At length the sun sank and night obscured the conflict.
  • There was no moon, and heavy clouds obscured the stars.
  • Owing to the heavy firing, clouds now obscured the sun.
  • Very soon, the sun was obscured by ever-thickening clouds.
  • The night was black, with sky mostly obscured by clouds.
  • The old Newport is much obscured by the new.
  • We do not try to gather the sunbeams until the clouds have obscured them.
  • The bulk of the gentlemanly official she had chosen obscured her.
  • Until the lights are ignited all its beauty is obscured in darkness.
  • Her judgment was obscured by the magnitude of her meanness in her own eyes.
  • Mists have obscured the sun of late, and now it does not rise at all.
  • The sky is neither obscured by clouds nor streaked with shells.
  • It may have been that the new pall of black vapour only obscured them.
  • It's obscured now, in the smoke.
  • The smoke still rose from down below and obscured the face of the waters.
  • The body of the church was quite obscured with the smoke of the incense.
  • Experimental complications springing up at every step obscured the problem.
  • Dudley wrote home that doves were so plentiful that they obscured the light.

How To Use Obscured In A Sentence?

  • Gives the nickel reaction occasionally somewhat obscured by cobalt.
  • They were beyond the line of battle and were not obscured by the clouds of smoke.

Definition of Obscured

simple past tense and past participle of obscure
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