Obscurely in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Obscurely

1. Of lives obscurely great. 🔊

2. Individuals had never been so obscurely atomic. 🔊

3. The other elemental deities are but obscurely known. 🔊

4. Shell linear, strong, straight, pale, obscurely radiated. 🔊

5. We recognize obscurely the same fact, though we give it our own names. 🔊

6. Let but his poor remains be laid Obscurely in the grave. 🔊

7. For hundreds of years they had lived obscurely near Northampton. 🔊

How to use Obscurely in Sentences?

1. Alas, that we should vibrate so obscurely to these harmonies of earth and heaven! 🔊

2. Hence we have the less reason to wonder that Boyse lived obscurely at Edinburgh. 🔊

3. This doctrine, according to Plotinus, is very ancient, and obscurely asserted even by Parmenides. 🔊

4. Probably some real ground of apprehension had obscurely occurred to his mind and expressed itself in his emotion. 🔊

5. There was no slack water separating the end of the rapid we left from the beginning of this one so obscurely situated. 🔊

6. Arguments were spent upon them in vain and, after resorting to these, threats were not obscurely uttered. 🔊

7. That was all, but the appraising glance of this sedate and handsome burgher obscurely troubled the girl afterward. 🔊

8. Walk through the large parks in any city, late in the evening, and observe the couples who occupy obscurely placed benches. 🔊

9. They lay but a single egg, usually dull white and unmarked, but in some cases obscurely marked with reddish brown. 🔊

10. A small plant with creeping stem taking root where it touches the ground, obscurely angular, covered with short down. 🔊

11. Yet he, that lay so long obscurely low, Doth now preferr'd to greater honours go. 🔊

12. As I took her hand, I was obscurely pleased with myself for having improved her mood without artificial assistance. 🔊

13. The contents indeed of the sacred chest are of the simplest; a withered branch, a pot of food, two slabs of grey stone, obscurely engraved. 🔊

14. For Ashe had gone abruptly up to London, and since his return had been occupied obscurely with legal matters, doubtless bearing on the murder. 🔊