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  • Clear observation provided for.
  • That recalls an observation of my own.
  • Like money, it brings observation and worship.
  • Possibly Mother Gapp feared the observation of carpenters.
  • It is usually a safer assumption that our observation is in error.
  • But always when alone in his cabin he made the same observation to himself.
  • The telephone resulted from this observation with great promptness.
  • Aerial observation forms no small part of his course of studies.
  • The power of observation is at its quickest in moments of intense excitement.
  • Two degrees and fifteen minutes south, the observation gave them.
  • I have now an observation to make with regard to what I have sent off to you.
  • First, is his observation of the waterfowl's flight and his question about it.
  • We are the Overland Red Towerist and Observation Company, Unlimited.
  • Mrs. Wentworth's next observation disposed of this theory also.

How To Use Observation In A Sentence?

  • It is an old observation that the best writers sometimes disregard the rules of rhetoric.
  • In January, 1805, it put to sea, and escaped the observation of his lookout ships.
  • A statement by another may seem lifeless and inert and the meaning of an observation may be obscure.
  • I was greatly surprised at the entire revolution in his ideas which had been effected by his observation and his courageous mental struggles.
  • The advantage of such observation is that the object of study can be made to throw greater light on his own inner states.
  • Remember that the purpose of conscious practise and observation in the matter of conversation is to lead ultimately to unconscious performance.
  • Nothing can be more illustrative of the truth of this observation than the history of the Christian religion.
  • My description of the type will be in general, of course, but founded on exact observation of individuals.
  • This power of observation has been overlooked by many of Vergil's commentators.
  • How true was the observation that he was a many-sided animal, and not to be caught with one hand, as they say!
  • Nor did she ever lose her tenderness of heart, nor her quick observation of trivial detail in the absorbing interests of her greatness.
  • Orren had revealed this observation to Manguino when he went to his office to tell him that he should start arming himself.
  • Of course the observation balloon at the front has to be carefully protected, for it furnishes a good target for the bombs from enemy aircraft.
  • His attitude of mind, which was passive but critical, had developed the faculties of observation rather than the habits of action.
  • Nothing professing to be a defence of our ludicrous spellings has had any basis, so far as my observation goes, except sentimentality.
  • When they had proceeded about nine miles, they found the fleet riding at anchor, already beyond the reach or observation of the enemy.
  • A three or four per cent solution of hydroxide will hasten the process, but more frequent observation is required to prevent excessive maceration.
  • Her spontaneity, her blooming beauty, her careless observation of convention, her independence, had captivated him.
  • It is matter of curious observation to see how the use of names among political parties is abused, and how they get reversed in applicable meaning.
  • In a word, the work bears the impress not only of a man of great powers of observation and sound judgment, but also of a strong and capable ruler.
  • No form of experiment or mode of observation that I could devise gave me the slightest indication of any peculiar natural force.
  • But when the war began, Germany surprised the Allies by the efficiency of these observation posts in the air.
  • Through the spectroscopic examination of certain minerals a number of elements have been discovered by the observation of lines which did not belong to any known element.
  • It especially emphasizes the historical and practical aspects of the subject and connects the study very intimately with facts of daily observation and experience.
  • By dint of fastidious observation and careful rejection of the qualities of which he disapproved, a vision rose before him of the woman who would be the complement of himself.
  • For now the French observation machines were wirelessing back the range, and French shells were falling very near the big guns.

Definition of Observation

The act of observing, and the fact of being observed. | The act of noting and recording some event; or the record of such noting. | A remark or comment.
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