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  • Aesthetical observations on particular subjects.
  • And here there are two observations to be made.
  • These observations gave me abundant food for reflection.
  • These observations made a lasting impression on my mind.
  • Ecological observations on the woodrat Neotoma floridana.
  • Other correspondents did not confine their observations to supplication.
  • Consequently verification of identifications and observations is difficult.
  • The various observations reported here should be verified by further tests.
  • However, modifications have been tried and observations made.
  • I am a nervous man, and the shrewdness of your observations has tickled me.
  • Together with some observations on the nativity of the Grand Seignior.
  • Natural and Political Observations ... upon the Bills of Mortality.

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  • The above dates do not correspond to observations of other years, except for the butternut.
  • The first result of his observations was to confirm his impression that Archibald was not idiotic.
  • Mr. Hicks took observations from the doorway and reported that it was, which deepened the mystery.
  • Commodore Alava was on his way to make scientific observations of the volcano of Taal.
  • His observations are only in part corroborated by those of M. Quetelet and M. Fourmet.
  • It cannot be said that the net results of these observations and hypotheses are of a very definitive character.
  • My limited observations on this anole suggest that it is an inhabitant of the upper levels of the forest.
  • I took occasion from the observations of the captain on my sketchings, to fall into conversation with him.
  • The difference in the observations in such a case is due to relative positions between the ear and the source of the sound.
  • He summed up the result of his observations for the benefit of his companions, in a pleasantly conversational manner.
  • As a direct result of their observations some thirteen or fourteen of the oldest men on the line were dropped from its service.
  • His observations indicate that these rodents are highly insectivorous and that they consume many insects under natural conditions.
  • Both observations in this test show that the amount of current entering and emerging from the line decreased as the inductance increased.
  • But this was beyond the limits of his audacity, and he had to content himself with such cautious observations as could be made at a distance.
  • The same observations are applicable to the tale of the sheet in which the body of our Lord was wrapped.
  • In some cases significant details will be taken from the works of competent witnesses whose observations were made somewhat earlier or later.
  • Miomandre said all that the Queen's affecting observations were calculated to inspire.
  • So she went chatting merrily down the stairway to her carriage, making her observations on whatever she saw with the freshness of a girl.
  • There is an attempt at induction going on, which has yielded little or no fruit, the observations made in the meteorological observatories.
  • She accordingly, on her side, made what observations she chose to address to the dignified jeweller in her loudest voice.
  • Her statements are based on trapping results, field observations, and observations made on captive individuals.
  • The remark of a heathen poet is corroborated by the observations of the most celebrated amongst ancient and modern Christian writers.
  • The observations of modern travellers have confirmed in a very interesting manner the account given us of quails in the Bible.
  • We cannot rest upon, any of his works, though they contain observations which occasionally discover a considerable insight into human nature.
  • As the distress was alluded to above, I may lighten the recent seriousness of my observations by an anecdote on the topic.
  • Such is a brief summary of some of the principal observations in the psychological and ontological parts of the Philosophy of Life.
  • She wanted to interrupt Mrs Herring to make some observations of her own which seemed too good to lose.
  • After their observations of praise, Manguino and Tohm repaired to the office to speak of their friend.

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plural of observation
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