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  • I am obsessed with you.
  • He was obsessed with the determination to find out.
  • I was obsessed with a wish to see the flower-garden.
  • They came into her small town obsessed with the notion of their superiority.
  • He is possessed, obsessed with the insane desire of making a record.
  • Obsessed with this thought, he strutted up the aisle like a pouter pigeon.
  • Many of the Italian teachers were obsessed with the idea of the big tone.
  • Art--her father was obsessed with it.

How To Use Obsessed With In A Sentence?

  • For some reason she became obsessed with the idea she was doomed to a lingering fatal illness.
  • I once watched a woman obsessed with an unnatural and wholly monstrous mania for her dog.
  • Unlike Feller, he had not been so obsessed with a purpose as to be blind to externals.
  • Still obsessed with vague suspicion of her character I could not forbear a suggestion.
  • Old Tom was completely obsessed with his visions of wealth ever just beyond the point of his pick.
  • He erred, however, in supposing Overland to be obsessed with a mania for gold for its own sake.
  • And instantly he was obsessed with the flaming color of that man's unappeased passion.
  • He was obsessed with horror of wanton bloodshed and with indignation at the insolence of armed injustice.
  • They become obsessed with the idea that they may do something of this kind and fear that they may not be able to resist the suggestion.
  • Sauntering at her side across the lawn he was so obsessed with these conflicting emotions that he said not a word, and hardly heard hers.
  • Her mind became obsessed with this idea, and a savage, unreasoning hate for him and all his kind sprang up in her heart.
  • Not every one in Germany is obsessed with a conviction of the efficacy of "frightfulness.
  • His tales are tales of the conscience: he is obsessed with the thought of sin, with the doctrines of foreordination and total depravity.
  • He was simply another "desert rat" obsessed with the idea that gold was to be found in those northern hills.
  • There was also a man, a brilliant writer, who from a boy had been obsessed with a craze for all sorts of glossy things, more especially buttons.
  • Perhaps if she had been less obsessed with the war, Joan might have been better prepared for what was coming....
  • But who can know of the hideous, ghastly hours that Paul spent then, ever obsessed with this one bitter thought?
  • He was obsessed with a fear that countless defects might have developed in the long line of powder-loaded creeper since the day it was made and laid away.
  • And I, though frightened, was so obsessed with the idea of getting a picture that I began to fumble with the shutter of my camera.
  • Whatever thoughts were in their minds, I myself was obsessed with a distinct desire, at that moment, to blot Berlin from my mind for all eternity.
  • He is obsessed with a mania for hurting something, and with his strongly innate instinct of self-preservation, invariably chooses something that cannot harm him.
  • We endeavored to talk as we sampled the meal, directing our conversation into safe channels, both obsessed with a feeling that whatever we said would be overheard.
  • Even this was welcome, for he was becoming obsessed with the idea that the cavern had not changed since the long-ago river had died, and that nothing in it could change.
  • Unfortunately, from the start the author seems to have been obsessed with the notion that the familiar rant of Herod was peculiarly suited to his subject.
  • The newcomer generally discovers in himself an astounding personal omnipotence, and even before he can talk the language is so obsessed with it that as he grows older, his sense of it broadens and deepens.
  • Just why Americans should ever have been obsessed with the idea that it was impossible to teach voice successfully on this side of the Atlantic is hard to tell.
  • And, above all, he was obsessed with that aforesaid fatal idea that Tannis was like the women he had associated with all his life, in reality as well as in appearance.
  • Now, I think Hardiman removed that knife before packing the figure, kept it near him, because obsessed with it; went mad, in short.
  • He seemed obsessed with the idea that the crew, with Carlsen as prime instigator, had determined to leave them stranded on some volcanic, lonely barren islet.
  • You must see her at Lucerne, obsessed with the knowledge of her horrible life with her brutal, vicious husband, to whom she had been sacrificed for political reasons when almost a child.
  • He was obsessed with the idea that it had been the omen of Death reaching for him; he was gasping pitifully, ever alert for shell fire, and cringing at detonations too far off to be of danger.
  • It's no coincidence that early internet users became obsessed with the fractal images they were capable of producing.
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