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  • Was this an obsession with him?
  • It was almost an obsession with him.
  • The thing has become an obsession with him lately.
  • That was an obsession with Kelly.
  • The composition of his new poem became an obsession with him.
  • Thirst became an obsession with us all, men and animals alike.
  • It's an obsession with even the least offensive motorists--like Jack and me!
  • But of course business is an obsession with him."
  • "My thoughtlessness, my callousness, my obsession with my work!

How To Use Obsession With In A Sentence?

  • Everywhere is the same obsession with the fact of physical pain, accident, and sudden death.
  • Drink and cards are an obsession with some; cruelty is just as much a matter of obsession with others.
  • Except for this one obsession with regard to her son's education his mother was self-centered.
  • To regain the presidency of which he had been unjustly deprived had now become an obsession with Walker.
  • His obsession with computers seemed a bit odd, but harmless enough, and likely to produce a well- paying career.
  • Rossetti now seemed to become an obsession with him; only it was Rossetti the poet instead of Rossetti the painter to whom he referred.
  • For years this had been an obsession with the Kaiser, and he launched into the subject as soon as Colonel House broached the purpose of his visit.
  • There would be fewer divorces, and not more, if our laws were freed from their obsession with sexual offenses, and divorce was made a question of quiet and careful consideration, and mutual thought and decision.
  • More than a year ago Ben had suffered a three months' obsession with a tangible human being named Judith.
  • It became an obsession with me; I seemed to see it everywhere, spoiling everything, blocking every path, tying everyone's hands.
  • The revolt against the moral law came later--the selection of hideously obscene subjects, the painful obsession with sex.
  • There are, says Professor Santayana, Nibelungen who toil underground over a gold which they will never use, and in their obsession with production begrudge themselves all inclinations to recreation, to merriment, to fancy.
  • The two remaining Jabberwocks became an obsession with their unwilling owners, who hinted darkly at mutiny when told that no more Scarffs could be obtained, the Naval Air Service having contracted for all the new ones in existence.
  • It would be an exaggeration to say that Mrs. Grainger became an obsession with our heroine; yet it cannot be denied that, since Honora's arrival at Quicksands, this lady had, in increasing degrees, been the subject of her speculations.
  • it was becoming an obsession with him he knew, but the man appeared at every turn.
  • "Perhaps when I'm your father's age it will be an obsession with me," replied Jack Sainsbury.
  • "I fear that the notion that this journal is ruined has become an obsession with you, Comrade Wilberfloss.
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