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  • Chipped Point made of Obsidian 26 6.

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  • With a blade of obsidian she made scars until the blood dripped from her braceletted arms.
  • His statue was made of dark obsidian rock, and his face recalled that of the bear or tapir.
  • Next we found some obsidian arrow-heads; and, last of all, some small broken clay figures.
  • Chipped point of obsidian with base broken off, showing that at least some of the contents of the grave were of prehistoric culture.
  • The wooden shields did not even blunt the edge of the Toledo blade; the obsidian battle-axes could not contest with the iron maces.
  • Spears, javelins, arrows, heavy war-clubs with jagged pieces of obsidian were hurled upon the Spaniards on the causeway.
  • Bathalda had brought with him a bag of sharp obsidian arrowheads, and some feathers for winging them, together with a bowstring of twice the ordinary strength.
  • There is no chert or similar material from which chipped implements can be made; nor, as would naturally be expected, is there any obsidian suitable for such manufacture.
  • We have compared several specimens of flint and obsidian knives, and found them as perfectly alike as if they had been made by the same artist, and as the difference of the material allows.
  • We have other evidence of intercourse between the two peoples; for the obsidian dug from the mounds, and perhaps the porphyry also, can be explained only by supposing commercial relations between them.

Definition of Obsidian

(poetic) black | (mineralogy) A type of black glass produced by volcanoes.
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