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How To Use Obstruct In A Sentence?

  • The moon has no screens about it of any kind to obstruct the free radiation of heat.
  • All compacts or measures which seek to limit or obstruct this freedom are illegal.
  • I have never known roots to obstruct a pipe through which there was not a perennial stream.
  • He helps it against those things that tend to stupify it, and obstruct its exercise.
  • The channel is even said to have become ultimately benefited by the means employed to obstruct it.
  • When they could so easily offer us a helping hand they obstruct us for the mere sport of doing so.
  • People should not be allowed to crowd round the patient, and obstruct the free passage of air.
  • This can be very easily planned, both not to obstruct the sight, nor be seen to disadvantage.
  • But I saw merely a tangled mass of wild vegetation, so thick and high as to obstruct the view.
  • The Mohawk River runs swiftly as it passes this spot, and large stones obstruct its course.
  • Stools are better than chairs with backs because they do not obstruct the view of the audience during the chancel scene.
  • We by comparison are but stained glass in our own honour, and do but obstruct the view with our halos and attitudes.
  • Fortunately there was little snow to obstruct him; for what had descended into the gorge was lodged in the crevices of the stones.
  • The staff-officer directed his glass to the other shore, and there was nothing to obstruct his vision.
  • The precautions taken to hide and obstruct the openings of the royal tombs were thus successful in many cases.
  • If he should break a blood-vessel do not take any notice unless some part of his fallen body is likely to obstruct your stone.
  • So many hindrances may obstruct the acquisition of knowledge, that there is little reason for wondering that it is in a few hands.
  • A like consent is necessary for every other restriction of personal liberty calculated to obstruct a deputy in the free exercise of his office.
  • When the residual parts of the perspiration are not removed by washing or bathing, they at last obstruct the pores and irritate the skin.
  • The practice of deceit would actually appear to obstruct clear-sightedness and dull the ordinary exercise of common sense.
  • That nothing has been able to obstruct the progressive advance of the disease in a direction from India westward.
  • We don't want to do nothin' to obstruct the war, but we've got to have our rights.
  • A┬ámore scrupulous exactness in this respect would appear to me arrant pedantry, and necessarily obstruct the free movement of the mind in writing.
  • While he was thus rendering Charlie impotent to obstruct him in any way the ruffian said nothing whatever.
  • Had I not boasted of my intrepidity in braving denials and commands when they endeavoured to obstruct my passage to this woman?
  • Envy, sometimes growing to hatred, vanity and jealousy, obstruct his way and fill his heart with sadness.
  • In this case all lesser considerations, which tend to obstruct the great end of the work, must yield and give way.
  • Thorn-bushes, bristling like hedgehogs and thriving arrogantly, everywhere predominate and with their prickly tangles obstruct or forbid the path.
  • For they may obstruct the formation, at an early period, of independent ideas, merely on account of the time they claim.
  • Only boats drawing two or three feet of water can perform the journey, as there are many shoals and shifting sands to obstruct heavier vessels.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Obstruct | Obstruct Sentence

  • They serve but to obstruct our way.
  • Where you obstruct his passage down the pass?
  • I had no power or wish to obstruct his flight.
  • Frequent cataracts obstruct its course for many miles.
  • Transparent: so clear as not to obstruct vision.
  • Nothing must be allowed to stand in the way or to obstruct your progress.
  • Such images rather obstruct the career of fancy than incite it.
  • They obstruct the most needed road in the island, and occupy the best land.
  • Let us condemn, if possible, let us obstruct and deprive, but not let us do.
  • These sheer-booms that you've stuck in here obstruct navigation.

Definition of Obstruct

To block or fill (a passage) with obstacles or an obstacle. See synonyms at block. | To impede, retard, or interfere with; hinder. | To get in the way of so as to hide from sight.
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