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  • Those which we quote have been carefully selected from the best obtainable authorities.
  • Ngalo is not obtainable by purchase or art; only certain persons are born with it.
  • Saddle horses are obtainable at the mission, and there is a good trail all the way.
  • The proportion of useful work obtainable has been variously estimated at from 14 to 33 per cent.
  • Violins of Amati and other makers were, up to this time, obtainable at nominal prices.
  • The latter I subsequently found better and far more accurate than any obtainable in England.
  • He probably read the book of Anaxagoras, which was easily obtainable in Athens at the time.
  • Special eyepieces are also obtainable having a sledging adjustment to the eye lens for focussing the micrometer.
  • From this spot a view was obtainable right over the clearing to the forest which surrounded it on three sides.
  • Domestic happiness and material success are worth all we are asked to pay for them and they are never obtainable on the bargain counter.
  • These woods are all easily obtainable everywhere, and from them you can make a most creditable variety of useful articles.
  • The soil is exceptionally fertile, and there is an abundance of water obtainable at only six feet below the surface.
  • Otherwise the school could wander as it listed, the longest stretch obtainable being about an hour and three-quarters.
  • I have found that a very close approximation is obtainable by weighing the rings as the specific gravity of the standard rubber mix is known.
  • A list of all obtainable addresses of the publishers of hardcover books mentioned in the Checklist.
  • It is worth it; for they are in training for the highest prize obtainable on earth, and yet one open to and won by millions.
  • Moreover, behind this million stood another million fit to bear arms and obtainable at will from the two millions of enrolled reserves.
  • Fruit and vegetables were obtainable in abundance; but beyond these, and little trinkets and feathers, there was no trade to be done.
  • It is obtainable in any desired size, and with a great variety of surfaces, from extreme gloss to that of rough drawing paper.
  • They wore homespun flannel and frieze, and their only luxury, whisky, was obtainable at a quarter of its present price.
  • The organisms of this group are difficult to cultivate, and freshly isolated growth is obtainable only on media containing whey, malt, or in milk.
  • In fact, the strongest acids obtainable should be used when the product required is gun-cotton, i.e., the highest nitrate.
  • The results obtainable by this method of construction are surprising, and there are few types of boats that cannot be modeled by following the method.
  • The controversy to which this gave rise was the indirect means of furnishing almost the only evidence now obtainable as to the signatures to the subscription list.
  • While to some extent trees require elements obtainable only from the soil, they are more independent in this respect than most other forms of vegetation.
  • The bulk of certificates were first obtained in France, but in 1910 they were made obtainable in any country from its own Ae.
  • The reason why the main camp was fixed at such an inconvenient distance from the landing-place was, that water was at first obtainable from wells sunk there.
  • Instead of bolting precipitately along the pier for the more substantial cover that they knew was obtainable ashore, they lay down quietly on the bottom of the boat.
  • I have the nicest house here on a level spot on the very summit of the mountain ridge, from which a most splendid view is obtainable for six months in the year.
  • The canning industry, because it makes vegetables obtainable at all times and places, has been of great importance in the health and development of the country.
  • Where the ground will permit the use of a harrow good results are obtainable by scarifying the soil in strips about 10 feet apart and sowing the seed in these strips.

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  • Plenty of boats obtainable at the end of the dyke.
  • The purest mercury obtainable should be used.
  • The most recent record obtainable is for the year 1898.
  • From here a good view was obtainable of the surrounding country.
  • The motor is a very simple type obtainable in the open market.
  • Fresh fish when obtainable and well cooked is always most acceptable.
  • The evidence obtainable in Egypt is of interest in this connection.
  • The balance was obtainable in Santa Fe in the warehouse of a mutual friend.
  • Another American bar where food is obtainable is in the Grand Monarque Hotel.

Definition of Obtainable

Able to be obtained.
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