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How To Use Obtrude In A Sentence?

  • The frightful monotony of the long confinement does not obtrude itself in his book.
  • What an impudence was there in royal power to dare to obtrude such stuff on the world!
  • Her husband did not attempt to obtrude his presence upon her during those three days.
  • Why should this middle-aged man constantly obtrude his personality upon her thoughts?
  • It was seldom that he prayed so definitely, or ventured to obtrude his private wishes.
  • What right had she, his erring wife, to obtrude herself upon his feelings at such a time?
  • Yet he was evidently determined the cloud should not obtrude itself and spoil the happiness of the day.
  • Fortunately it is here no part of a reviewer's task to obtrude his own political theories.
  • Huge trees obtrude themselves between the shattered fragments as if they had grown there since the building had fallen to ruin.
  • We speak here of these particular muscles because they seem to obtrude themselves upon the sensitive sight more than any others.
  • A judge will do right to avoid social intercourse with those who obtrude such unwelcome matters upon his moments of relaxation.
  • The outside world did not obtrude itself upon him, till the doctor declared that only once more would he visit him.
  • If she wept at all she wept in secret and in the night-time; she had no desire to obtrude her grief upon others.
  • Too simple-minded and downright to obtrude his personal history, he also was too simple-minded to conceal it.
  • It is not the business of a preface to anticipate the argument of a book, still less to obtrude personal opinions.
  • He shot forward his shaggy face, and the action seemed to depress his chest and obtrude his stomach.
  • Every attempt to obtrude on a company subjects either to which they are indifferent, or of which they are ignorant, is in bad taste.
  • Those who have felt it, will with caution obtrude themselves on her sacred privacy, and will know when to be mute in the presence of the mourner.
  • He had expected this, for he thought that whatever the girl undertook would be well done; but she did not obtrude her earnestness.
  • Surely he knew them, too, he had studied them this very morning with painful attention, but why need she obtrude them upon him?
  • But she must not obtrude her religion, when it is distasteful to her patients; rather manifest it in her deeds and manner of life.
  • New problems have arisen before the eyes of the teacher, and indeed obtrude themselves upon all who must take part in the practical life of others.
  • Such things as these, when they obtrude upon the mind, the soul, are not likely to make merry meetings.
  • The British officers, who remained in their own camp and did not obtrude themselves, were distant but interested spectators.
  • But poor Garth in his clumsy, masculine delicacy thought that to obtrude himself at such a moment would only hurt her more.
  • This is the only entire letter of my own that, in the course of this work, I mean to obtrude upon my readers.
  • And she had agreed, wholesouledly; and yet, there would obtrude that thought, of late, that she was doing nothing with her life.
  • I left England with a definite object in view, to which others were subservient, but it is not necessary to obtrude it on the reader.
  • I am prevented from doing this both by my unwillingness to obtrude such a subject personally upon those who might not welcome it, and by want of time.
  • It was the friendship she liked; the love that might be lurking beneath it she was not ready for, though it might add a spice to the friendship if it were suspected but did not obtrude itself.
  • Money seems to have been not too abundant at this period in the Godolphin family, and considerations of ways and means constantly obtrude themselves in the letters.
  • That he was there I knew, but either he, himself, or Lucy for him, had managed so well, as not to obtrude his person on my sight.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Obtrude | Obtrude Sentence

  • No thought of sex seemed to obtrude itself on them.
  • I shall not obtrude myself on you, or annoy you.
  • But what a dolt am I to obtrude my counsel. . . .
  • She had no right to obtrude herself into his life and to disturb it.
  • Let no cynic obtrude other motives for that famous telegram.
  • What right to obtrude her honest sympathy upon his secret pain?
  • What a beast I am to obtrude my sadness against the blaze of your Xmas fire!
  • But Burly Bill did not obtrude his company too much on the younger folks.

Definition of Obtrude

(transitive) To proffer (something) by force; to impose (something) on someone or into some area. [from 16th c.] | (intransitive) To become apparent in an unwelcome way, to be forcibly imposed; to jut in, to intrude (on or into). [from 16th c.] | (reflexive) To impose (oneself) on others; to cut in. [from 17th c.]
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