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Definition of Obtuse

(now chiefly botany, zoology) Blunt; not sharp, pointed, or acute in form. | Intellectually dull or dim-witted. | Of sound, etc.: deadened, muffled, muted.

How To Use Obtuse In A Sentence?

  • He was so very obtuse that he did not even see that she was making sport of him.
  • All but one obtuse youth who neither stirred nor displayed any tendency so to do.
  • They terminate in the obtuse arches of their time and have their heads filled with tracery.
  • For a long time we were singularly obtuse about this little point of etiquette in the country.
  • The fat man looked from one to the other of us in an obtuse suspicion of our hilarity.
  • Obtuse-angulate: two markings or margins meeting so as to form an obtuse angle.
  • Obtusilingues: short-tongued bees with the tip obtuse or bifid: see acutilingues.
  • Perhaps my obtuse boy will get some friendly blow, mental or physical, that will let in the light.
  • These nests were in the form of obtuse cones, and were constructed with mud, grass, and herbage.
  • Retuse: ending in an obtuse sinus or broad, shallow notch, terminated by an obtuse hollow.
  • Corolla yellowish, inverted, one lip cleft in 4 obtuse lobes; the other longer, narrow, serrate.
  • Then came Simon de Poissy, who was a faithful reader, but an obtuse disputator.
  • It would have been plain to any less obtuse observer than his companion that he no longer gave him his attention.
  • The affair had been mentioned so plainly that it was impossible for the most dense and obtuse person not to have understood the allusion.
  • The man seemed too simple and obtuse to comprehend the ridicule of his situation, or to be rendered very miserable by it.
  • Jim explained briefly, and changed the subject with a haste which would have been significant to a less obtuse host.
  • There are individuals who will not see the truth, who fail to see the point in an argument, who are obtuse and obstinate.
  • Possibly the bull refuses to charge until the fighter runs towards him from an obtuse angle, and this is the easiest plan for the man.
  • Here another line of marked trees was found, the course of which formed an obtuse angle with the one we had followed.
  • Blunt noses indicate and accompany obtuse intellects and perceptions, sluggish feelings, and a soulless character.
  • And then draw out from them that a hexagon is a figure of six equal sides, with six obtuse angles, just equal to each other in their obtuseness.
  • The lower end is straight across at right angles to the sides; the upper end rises to a very obtuse angle at the middle.
  • Shell smooth and blackish, obtuse at the smaller end, and rounded at the other; one side near the beaks is angular.
  • The obtuse and single-minded landscape-painter never once perceived from her conversation that it was only Trewe she wanted, and not himself.
  • She, he thought, might have a chance of salvation if she could be reborn, physically hideous, into a world obtuse to her.
  • The second Swastika has its ends bent at an obtuse angle to the left, and at the extremities the lines taper to a point.
  • The hind part, i, is rather more obtuse than the other end, h, which last is elevated about two or three inches.
  • The boom was in the shape of an obtuse angle, the apex facing out, so that, a vessel striking it would glance off either on one side or the other.
  • La langue est à peu près ce qu'elle est dans ce genre, courte, obtuse et bilobée.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Obtuse | Obtuse Sentence

  • And he was so obtuse this afternoon.
  • Alisma foliis ovatis acutis, fructibus obtuse trigonis.
  • There could, of course, be no more obtuse misconception.
  • Gibbus: when the whole surface forms a hump or obtuse cone.
  • Blunt: not sharp; obtuse at the edge or tip.
  • Gills in the form of folds, obtuse edge, 10.
  • Calyx, 5 obtuse sepals, slightly notched.
  • Keel obtuse with its petals slightly or not at all coherent.
  • Most of them are at an obtuse angle, while the ends of two are curved.
  • The gills are thick, with an obtuse edge, and are branched and decurrent.
  • Corolla bell-shaped, 5 obtuse teeth; stigmas 2, bent to the sides.

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