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  • On this occasion it was wasted.
  • Tell me the sum you have occasion for.
  • That need occasion a divorce.
  • But there was no occasion for my hurrying the horses.
  • On this occasion he listened with peculiar impatience.
  • On this occasion he gained his object by an artful device.
  • So when occasion offered I slipped it out of his hand.
  • There's no occasion for it.
  • We've no occasion for you.
  • I experienced this on the occasion when our new home was chosen.
  • Brant did not lack vanity, and on this occasion he was more than flattered.
  • Pep did not wait to look back to trace the occasion of the crash.
  • On one occasion the poet drove out to visit the composer in the country.
  • Some alarm was excited on the first occasion that it turned bell-ringer.
  • On the other occasion she lost her temper, the only time in my experience.
  • He said, gravely, that he thought there was no occasion for hurry about it.
  • The Pasha on this occasion wore an unusually splendid costume.

How To Use Occasion In A Sentence?

  • Certainly the temptation on this occasion was a strong one to pay the debt in like kind.
  • On that occasion the sailor revived in a short time, and was even able to work at his gun.
  • I mention these things here because I shall have occasion to hark back to them presently.
  • There will be a fresh occasion for writing on Wednesday, and once more urging my project.
  • There was no occasion for me to gobble my food and rush off to talk with Lyn Rowan.
  • To seem upon occasion to slight money, Proves in the end, sometimes, the greatest gain.
  • I took occasion from the observations of the captain on my sketchings, to fall into conversation with him.
  • She had dressed herself carefully for the occasion in a black gown that followed closely the lines of her figure.
  • The latter entered into the spirit of the occasion with the zest of an expert showing a novice the ground he has so often traversed.
  • Well, the programme for the occasion was probably not more than one-third finished, but it ended there.
  • But he was a man of marked executive ability, and when occasion demanded he wielded a facile and ready pen.
  • He who could enjoy thus the innocent gamble of these guinea-pigs could not fail to be accessible for good when occasion required.
  • On one occasion a female was observed at a distance of about 50 centimeters away from a calling male sitting on a blade of grass.
  • And if I didn't rise to the occasion it was the fault of my limited vocabulary.
  • And there was no occasion to put any sense or any vestige of mentality of any kind into these miracles; anything you might say would answer.
  • I had seen him but once before, but I had been able on that occasion to render him a slight service.
  • I am usually free from it; but on this occasion I had some luggage belonging to a friend to look after.
  • Some jingal bullets did on occasion fall fairly near the bridge, and one mule was actually hit in the act of crossing.
  • If you know any one that has an occasion for a parcel of dried spiders, I will sell them a pennyworth.
  • As I perceiv'd that you did, Geta! wherefore, Soon as occasion offers, I'll reward you.
  • He had no clothes on to speak of, but no matter, he was well enough fixed for an occasion like this, because he had a butcher-knife in his hand.
  • Hubert had bought these works of art on the occasion of his last visit to London, about two months ago.
  • But it appeared in a minute that Gideon Vetch was adequate to any demand which the occasion might develop.

Definition of Occasion

(transitive) To cause; to produce; to induce | A favorable opportunity; a convenient or timely chance. [from 14th c.] | The time when something happens.
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