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  • Only to the occasional eye did he loom a hero.

How To Use Occasional In A Sentence?

  • The husband is only an occasional visitor, and the wife is regarded as the head of the house.
  • Not but that, like all other sovereigns, he had his occasional cares and vexations.
  • When full-grown, it is the worst of vices, and the occasional mimic of them all.
  • With an occasional convulsive movement of her lower lip, she sank into a deep and heavy sleep.
  • Bert and the sheriff were close together, but, except for an occasional whisper, neither spoke.
  • This life of nature for the main shows itself only in occasional strain or disturbance of mental tone.
  • Henceforward he kept his men in the hills, and contented himself with occasional skirmishing-parties.
  • An occasional bird ventured a boldly questioning note that lingered unfinished in the silence of indecision.
  • But he should aim to write an orderly discussion supported by evidence, not a summary with occasional comment.
  • To favored persons he was apt to make an occasional suggestion upon the company's stock.
  • An occasional smart coupe went by as if to prove that prancing horses were still necessary to the dignity of the old aristocracy.
  • Since daybreak occasional shots had been fired; but not till eleven o'clock did the battle begin.
  • Long before we got there the deep-throated thunder was growling over us, and the clouds spat occasional flurries of rain.
  • At this late hour of the evening he had the embankment to himself, save for an occasional pair of lovers or a group of sauntering students.
  • For a few miles all goes well, with the trifling exception of occasional breakages in the countless knots of the rope harness.
  • An occasional penny was reluctantly disposed of for ten sticks, while several thousand dollars in silver came in.
  • Later, an occasional loosened finger ring had clattered off into her untouched plate or her reeking strong cup of coffee.
  • Even Treherne was not discouraged from his occasional visits with a view to helping the hunt for the lost man.
  • Not only were those occasional trances an intoxication, nay, a coveted indulgence, but they cast a consecration over my life.
  • The little children cry out for joy if they chance to find an occasional scarlet or mottled maize knob among so many yellow ones.
  • None of them paid any attention to me, beyond an occasional disinterested glance, until my roving eyes reached a point directly behind me.
  • The occasional discharge of fire-arms along the height showed that a Retreating fight was still kept up by the robbers.
  • There was a fine fireplace, marred, however, by a small stove showing evidences of occasional culinary efforts.
  • As the darkness increased, occasional flashes tore zig-zag across the sky, and the rain set to a dead pour.
  • After a time she made no secret of this devotion, and John was oddly abashed and disconcerted by her occasional outbursts of affection.
  • Vincy was there and young Cricker, whose occasional depressed silences were alternated with what he called a certain amount of sparkling chaff.
  • Dearsley himself was in no condition to say anything, and Mulvaney preserved a massive silence, broken only by the occasional licking of the lips.
  • Sometimes a dozen brace of birds were picked up in a morning; and, on the lower grounds, an occasional partridge, woodcock, or snipe.
  • We have final causes, instrumental causes, occasional causes, predisposing causes, efficient causes, and many others.
  • It was one of the things that compensated for the enforced solitude of his life, such an occasional glimpse into the secret hearts of his fellow-men.
  • True, there was the slight moisture on his brow and on his under lip, but otherwise his agitation displayed itself only in an occasional exuberance of metaphor.
  • I can remember it standing at Watertown Junction, sending an occasional soft ring of grayish smoke off into the blue skies above.
  • Though she had seen little of England, except for occasional visits on leave, she had become English in tastes and at heart.
  • This forlorn outpost of military duty involves exile from civilisation, and the risk of occasional raids from the wild tribes of the surrounding hills.
  • This makes necessary the occasional renewals of the batteries with the attendant expense for new batteries or new material, and of labor and transportation in visiting the station.
  • The phenomena upon which the belief of the occasional manifestation of disembodied spirits to man is founded, may be accounted for without having recourse to the doctrine of supernatural interposition.
  • As a matter of fact, its existence was only made known by the reports of an occasional workman engaged in renewing the tiles, or mending a decayed chimney.
  • Large patches of grass full of nodding yellow trumpets had been left amidst the not too precisely mown grass, which was as it were grass path with an occasional lapse into lawn or glade.
  • When the billiard table had been new, my uncle had taken to asking in a few approved friends for an occasional game, but mostly the billiard-room was for glory and the girls.

Definition of Occasional

Occurring or appearing irregularly from time to time, but not often. | Created for a specific occasion. | Intended for use as the occasion requires.
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