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  • The building of a hog├ín and its first occupancy are attended with ceremony and prayer.
  • She was going to open the house and have it put in order for occupancy as soon as possible.
  • Never had such utter silence reigned in the stone house since its occupancy as reigned there now.
  • A small bed ready for occupancy stood in one corner and in another a little desk with drop lid.
  • During my occupancy of the place that part of it was empty and closed, as I am a bachelor.
  • As previously mentioned, these show evidence of long or frequent occupancy by the Indians.
  • If the beast of a horse, or the spirit beast, held occupancy here, Isuke would deal with him.
  • The Mexican War and American occupancy followed closely on these exciting episodes.
  • A right of common in gross is a right enjoyed irrespective of the ownership or occupancy of any lands.
  • The two cabin stewards had already been ordered to prepare these rooms for the occupancy of the newcomers.
  • It endeavored also to have the city see the necessity of preventing occupancy of the physically unfit houses.
  • Her first step had been to have the patient bathed and combed and made presentable for the occupancy of the guest-chamber.
  • The enjoyment of anything like ordinary home comforts on the part of the teachers began with the occupancy of this building.
  • The intermittent character of occupancy is also shown by the distinct segregation of numerous successive layers of kitchen refuse.
  • In most places, it is unlikely that full-time shelter occupancy would be required for more than a week or two.
  • The Kuomintang had relegated themselves to the occupancy of the least important branch of the government.
  • Being remitted to the occupancy of servants, it was by this time in a deplorable state of neglect and decay, and obnoxious to everybody.
  • At its first experience of smell, the consciousness of the statue is entirely occupied by it; and this occupancy of consciousness is attention.
  • In dry weather there might be spots which would afford a resting place for campers, but no continuous occupancy was possible.
  • In the year and a half of their occupancy it had seen well-nigh all the human round, all that goes to make up the happiness and the sorrow of life.
  • Tell my landlady that I am sorry to have caused her this unpleasantness; but my occupancy of the rooms will soon be forgotten.
  • It became the home of the family of the superintendent, teachers and the girls; and the old log house was fitted up for occupancy by the boys.
  • This building absorbed the attention of all for more than a year, although it was opened for occupancy on November 14th.
  • Although the chief reason for Spanish occupancy was to hold the country, the provisions for defense were not only inadequate but careless.
  • You see Laird was not the only person whom I had tried to reform during my occupancy of the editorial chair.
  • There seems to be less evidence of Hawaiian occupancy on Kauai than on any other of the five principal islands.
  • The convenient access and spacious audience-room of the old church also led to its occupancy as a riding-school for British cavalry in 1775.
  • The dull, stiff drawing-room was already invested with those tokens of feminine occupancy which I missed so greatly in our much handsomer house.
  • For a moment it seemed as if our notion of occupancy and light and lament had been a delusion, for now the grave itself was no more desolate and still.
  • The relative positions occupied or susceptible of occupancy by armed forces are matters which demand constant and intelligent attention before and during hostilities.
  • The difficulties which came from the occupancy of exceptional sites were promptly reflected in the construction, and unusual ways and methods were adopted to overcome them.
  • The innumerable caves and caverns occurring in the limestone formations through which the many streams have cut deep valleys show evidence of long occupancy by the natives.
  • Its elaborate compositions were, from the nature of the case, few; its intellectual occupancy was too brief for the creation of a permanent literature.
  • When numbers of such movements are recorded, it is safe to infer that the conditions dictating the occupancy of sites were unstable or even that the tribes were in a state of slow migration.
  • This would give a maximum occupancy of about eighty years to some of the kivas; the ruins as a whole would hardly justify an hypothesis of a longer occupancy than this.
  • In its advertisement in 1616 adventurers, both old and new, were invited to take up shares for occupancy by themselves or for development by tenants sent for the purpose.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Occupancy | Occupancy Sentence

  • No indications of occupancy could be discovered.
  • Nothing save that light seemed to speak of occupancy now.
  • The state-room was not fit for the occupancy of a decent person.
  • Not one sign of occupancy could he find, and he looked everywhere.

Definition of Occupancy

The act of occupying, the state of being occupied or the state of being an occupant or tenant. | The period of time during which someone rents or otherwise occupies certain land or premises. | The specific use to which something occupied is put.
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