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  • Locke is here refering to episodes occurring in the play from the third act onwards.
  • The following case occurring in my own practice is probably the most complete instance recorded.
  • I can speak of it as a thing of personal knowledge, occurring within my own personal experience.
  • Several persons were killed, the shock occurring at night-time, when the inmates were asleep.
  • Spelling errors occurring solely in the Index have been corrected to match the main text.
  • The word Lent means spring; this fast always occurring at that season of the year.
  • It is a widely diffused species, occurring probably throughout the Northern States.
  • A Siamese twin form occurring very rarely on the same trees as other normal forms (Fig.
  • No edifice connected with religion has had more interesting incidents occurring in it than this old church.
  • Various conditions occurring in the TC cause the no-skip condition, when an MPS is given.
  • The circumstance of these tributaries all occurring on the left, evidenced the level nature of the country to the north.
  • While he thus vainly contended, events in which he directly was concerned were occurring beneath that roof.
  • As is well known, the supply of native hardwoods in this region is deficient and those occurring are of poor quality.
  • The vowels occurring most often are also the easiest to cut, being scarcely more than notches on the edge of the stone.
  • Now what does the laryngoscope teach regarding the change occurring in the vocal cords during the singing of the two to two and a half octaves?
  • About this time was perpetrated a crime of violence no worse than many hundreds which had preceded it, but occurring at a psychological time.
  • Neither made reference to any event occurring since their arrival, or which might possibly occur in the near future.
  • It is that accidents occurring in the course of organized industry should be held to have occurred, not to the individual, but to the industry.
  • As cinnabar this substance forms the chief native compound of mercury, occurring in red crystalline masses.
  • She was capable and always willing, when requested, to supply any vacancy occurring among the other helpers.
  • The change of starch into sugar is thus a simple chemical change occurring under the influence of chemical affinity under certain conditions.
  • Since these wonderful fasts in Philadelphia others are occurring over the country from the contagion of example.
  • I have many, and they are the real history of cases known, and are constantly occurring in every community.
  • His birth might also be remembered as occurring in the same year as that of the great astronomer Galileo.
  • She had knowledge of the deadly saloon and its twin licensed horror, dretful things was occurring all the time, she said.
  • Three successive conditions of human life stand out before us as markedly distinct, and as occurring wherever civilisation continues to advance.
  • Even rain water, which is the purest form occurring in nature, contains dust particles and gases dissolved from the atmosphere.
  • In former times, when rum was used in the trade, the most frightful scenes were in the habit of occurring in the Indian room.
  • Maize, as is also millet, is planted immediately after the first abundant rains, occurring early in April.
  • Many of the mound groups, village sites, and burial places occurring within this area may undoubtedly be justly attributed to the Quapaw.
  • I do not think that I am far wrong when I say that those thoughts were occurring to every man in the silent platoon behind me.
  • There would have remained the disagreeable coincidence of several suicides occurring among men who had slept in the same cabin, but that would have been all.
  • We will now describe some of the common species of lice found on a few of our domestic animals, and the mallophagous parasites occurring on certain mammals and birds.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Occurring | Occurring Sentence

  • We are to find the same thing occurring again and again in his life.
  • These are hydrocarbons occurring along with benzene in coal tar.
  • Can we learn nothing from constantly occurring instances of this character?
  • Behind the two heroic combats scenes were occurring which beggar description.
  • Such were the changes ever occurring among the people of the upper Missouri.
  • However, there is the possibility of the blight occurring anywhere in Europe.
  • I was in London when I read of what is occurring in Arizona.

Definition of Occurring

(in combination) That occurs in a specified manner. | present participle of occur | An instance of something occurring; an event or happening.
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