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Definition of Octopus

Any of several marine molluscs/mollusks, of the family Octopodidae, having no internal or external protective shell or bone (unlike the nautilus, squid or cuttlefish) and eight arms each covered with suckers. | (uncountable) The flesh of these marine molluscs eaten as food. | An organization that has many powerful branches controlled from the centre.

How To Use Octopus In A Sentence?

  • He laid down the characteristics of the class of invertebrates to which octopus and sepia belong.
  • He twisted around to find the cold eyes of the octopus staring at him only a foot away.
  • The dead octopus at his feet slithered limply around on the crazy-angling deck.
  • On the other hand, it might with propriety be called the octopus of the plant world.
  • Then a minor official of the Octopus put temptation in his way by making him a proposition.
  • He is no relation at all, however, to the real octopus or devil-fish, for this creature is flat.
  • He saw the remaining octopus lift Bowman and whip to the exit port of its submarine.
  • The tentacles of the great criminal octopus which Rayne controlled were indeed far-spread.
  • If the Octopus is responsible for our troubles, then where do the Mexicans come in?
  • The Octopus is trying to gobble us up, but it hasn't succeeded, and won't if we can prevent.
  • I have never wanted to see anything quite so badly as I wanted to see an octopus at Theoule.
  • The octopus of commercial, mechanical and economical life had strangled the soul and all its attributes.
  • This thought flashed through his mind, even while the octopus was fumbling with the catches of his suit.
  • He kept his eyes from them, till the octopus with the golden bands swung him through a hinged door in the farther wall.
  • Government, that in theory represents a union of effort and a saving of force, sprawls like an octopus over the land.
  • A plotting wife encouraged the octopus hunts by taking part in them, and expressing frequently her belief in the imminent appearance of the octopi.
  • The beam smote the octopus squarely in its huge eyes, and immediately the creature shuddered; writhed with pain.
  • Tehaa had caught a shark, and Mauriri had captured a fair-sized octopus at the base of the crevice where the dynamite was stored.
  • Like a huge, wooden octopus this arrogant fleet of Arragon moved its tentacles around the saucy, new-made pinnaces of the tight little isle.
  • The giants and ogres of romance were never so fearfully armed or clothed by the wildest fiction with so terrible an aspect as the cephalopods, the race to which the cuttlefish or octopus belongs.
  • Its mode of progression, from the little he could make out in the darkness, was just such as he would have looked for in a huge octopus hauling itself along by its tentacles over the out-cropping rock-bones.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Octopus | Octopus Sentence

  • It embraces me with octopus arms.
  • The octopus was apparently surveying this new part of the submarine.
  • The father hung on to him like an octopus and bled him like a leech.
  • It may be one of those octopus fish we hear so much about," suggested Will.

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