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  • The oculist will feel constrained to differ somewhat from Hearn in the foregoing article.
  • Neither of the ladies brought up the painful subject; they went with him to see the learned oculist and came back silent and oppressed.
  • Her eyes and lids were full of the stuff, it proved, and she cried with nervousness and pain as the oculist proceeded to get it all out.
  • If you wrinkle your forehead when you talk or read, visit an oculist and have your eyes tested, and then wear glasses to fit them.
  • A literary man of seventy-five is naturally quick to take alarm, and an English oculist had recommended an operation.
  • A distinguished oculist has said that many men daily impair or destroy their eyes by immoderate use, and that not a few have done the same by too little use of them.
  • The family had instinctively agreed upon a cheerful tone; the great oculist was coming; it was but a question of time when blessed sight would return again.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Oculist | Oculist Sentence

  • Her oculist had taken much from her scanty store of money.
  • A great oculist from Rome came to give his opinion.
  • Then came the visit to the oculist and the mandatory spectacles.
  • My thoughts instantly turned to the words the oculist had written.
  • You must see some good oculist about your astigmatism, my dear.

Definition of Oculist

An ophthalmologist | An optometrist
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