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  • It was oddly laid out.
  • She glanced at him with an oddly furtive expression.
  • The house was oddly different without her.
  • This time, oddly enough, a thought for her.
  • Harry spoke, oddly enough, with no regret.
  • Joan gave his hand a quick little squeeze that was oddly maternal.
  • They were set oddly in his head, so that they seldom seemed to move.
  • Where the old trunk had been, the cellar floor gleamed oddly bright.
  • And, oddly enough, she thought he looked as if he wondered how she came there.
  • He said it in a way which struck her, at last, as oddly casual.
  • Well, I am innocent, oddly enough," he said.
  • And Arnold Shoesmith struck up a sort of friendship that oddly imitated mine.
  • Dr. Brown looked oddly from one girl to the other, and at Mrs. Meckelburn.
  • Nelson's eyes turned again to the weapons that so oddly resembled field guns.

How To Use Oddly In A Sentence?

  • Nevertheless they remained calm and oddly curious to what was about to happen to them.
  • The smooth tan of his cheeks contrasted oddly with the silver of his close-cropped hair.
  • In the long low room a staircase twisted itself up oddly to the four rooms under the leaky roof.
  • The idea had an element of imitation oddly personal; he could not bear to reflect upon it.
  • But, on the walls, oddly incongruous in such a setting, were some framed photographs.
  • It let the scraps drift slowly toward the floor and oddly writhed its three-elbowed left arm ...
  • There was gratitude in her voice, and yet, oddly enough, still a tinge of reproach.
  • Which silence having been broken by a tap at the door, oddly enough there stood Joseph himself.
  • Yet unfamiliar, that oddly piled hair, that black velvet ribbon about the throat....
  • It was, oddly enough, the same steam yacht in which my lord Rosecarrel makes his cruises.
  • But this oddly penetrating analysis of our differences must, I think, be given.
  • They were similar, yet somehow oddly dissimilar, to the great guns Nelson had seen in France.
  • She struck me oddly as taking the relationship for a thing in itself, and regardless of its consequences.
  • Flags fluttered from the ramparts at intervals, but they seemed oddly lacking in gallantry or vitality.
  • The rafters above us were invisible, and the faces about me looked oddly white against the shadowy background.
  • But before he started he glanced once more, for something in her quiet pose struck oddly upon his heart.
  • The vibration of adventure was in it and the sentiment, oddly intermingled, of human solidarity and personal detachment.
  • Against the dusty panes a bird-cage hung, and she realized with an oddly ill-timed pang of sorrow that it was empty.
  • Midnight found her lying wide awake and starry-eyed, with her red lips twisted into an oddly inscrutable smile.
  • He found the silence oddly suggestive of the good masculine qualities which he much respected, and had at this moment great reason to need.
  • How oddly all our comings and goings, and purposes and cross-purposes combine, fulfil, frustrate each other.
  • Maseden, feeling oddly remote and unclassed among men of his own race, followed the second officer to the forecastle deck.
  • The tails of the mules are oddly decorated, by cutting the hair into stars, flowers, and other fanciful designs.
  • At first, oddly enough, it was my instinct for pedantry and linguistic learning that drew me to Byron.
  • Then come elisions of consonants, transpositions, and condensations of entire syllables, whereby words are often oddly transformed.
  • The dun cloud of dust settled, disclosing the foam-flecked, sweat-blackened colt, oddly beautiful in her poised immobility.

Definition of Oddly

In a peculiar manner; strangely; unusually. | In a manner measured by an odd number.
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