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  • What a pleasant odor it had!
  • It has little odor and is very poisonous.
  • It spoils the odor of the tea.
  • Gradually the odor of burning leaves grew stronger.
  • A pungent odor of smoke filled her nostrils.
  • Over all was a smoky odor of kerosene from an oil heater.
  • The odor of musk became in an instant sickening.
  • A rank animal odor mingled with the taint of smoke.
  • The odor was tantalizing, almost torturing.
  • Phosphine is a gas of unpleasant odor and is exceedingly poisonous.
  • Chloroform is a heavy liquid having a pleasant odor and a sweetish taste.
  • The odor of the balsam fir is drawn out and spread far by the heat.
  • The air was pungent with the odor of cheap tobacco and cheaper cigars.
  • A strange odor made him sick and weak when he tried to breathe.
  • This is a colorless gas usually having a disagreeable odor due to impurities.
  • The aromatic odor of peat-smoke in the sunny autumnal air is very pleasant.
  • The odor of broiling beefsteak came back from the car ahead rather poignantly.
  • The pungent, acrid odor of hot tomatoes affronted her nostrils.
  • The gurgle of running water, the odor of foul airs came up to him.
  • The odor in the state-room was quite equal to that of a third-class bar-room.
  • The earth steamed fragrantly, sending up an odor joyful to the nostrils.
  • The odor of warm, fresh meat from a dish near his nose wakened him.
  • The confinement, cold, motion, noise, and odor are not to be dispensed with.

How To Use Odor In A Sentence?

  • Its vapor has a very offensive odor and is most irritating to the eyes and throat.
  • Jan lifted his nose and sniffed at the odor of broiling steak and hot biscuit.
  • Coffee was there assuredly, as one might tell by the welcome odor now ascending.
  • At last a faint odor of pine-needles roused her sinking senses and she opened her heavy eyes.
  • Directly I was over the threshold, the spiritual odor of death, of violent death, came to me.
  • The gas so obtained has the characteristic odor noticed about electrical machines when in operation.
  • The acetylene prepared from this substance has a very characteristic odor due to impurities, the chief of these being phosphine.
  • Chlorine is a greenish-yellow gas, which has a peculiar suffocating odor and produces a very violent effect upon the throat and lungs.
  • It was dimly, almost insufficiently lit, and there was a faint but not unpleasant odor in the drawing-room which reminded him of incense.
  • Finally Charley put the package of coffee in the coffee-pot and clamped down the lid so that the odor could reach him no longer.
  • She passed to her rest years ago, leaving behind her the pleasant odor of a good name, a memory cherished by all who knew her.
  • The lawyer tossed about on the snow-white pillows, from which an odor of spring emanated (they had been out in the garden to air the day before).
  • He supports himself by making soap; and, on account of the offals used in that business, there is probably rather an evil odor in his domicile.
  • Chubikoff and Dukovski strode behind her through the long grass, as the odor of wild hemp and dishwater splashing under their feet reached them.
  • Forest and field glowed in living green, and the south wind, which had the odor of flowers in its breath, was fresh as the dew upon our faces.
  • His fiery half-blood Graditz horse snuffed the disgusting odor of the wild beast, and would go no nearer.
  • My loathing, especially as he diffused a horrible odor of bad liquor, had grown so strong that I was afraid every moment of fainting.

Definition of Odor

Any smell, whether fragrant or offensive; scent; perfume. | (figuratively) A strong, pervasive quality. | (figuratively, uncountable) Esteem; repute.
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