Odor Of In A Sentence

How To Use Odor Of In A Sentence?

  • The odor of spirits of hartshorn is caused by this gas.
  • A faint odor of wine mingled with the flowers.
  • The odor of a high and steadfast virtue surrounded her.
  • The abominable odor of fish still clung.
  • The deathly odor of chloroform filled the air.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Odor Of | Odor Of Sentence

  • There is no odor of men.
  • It was an odor of rottenness.
  • There was an odor of smoke.
  • He had the odor of the century.
  • With the odor of mignonette!
  • Then came the odor of chloroform.
  • The air reeked with the odor of it.
  • Yet there was no look or odor of death.
  • I recognized the odor of juniper.
  • There was an odor of manure and tar.
  • Bellefont was detected with the odor of tobacco.
  • It spoils the odor of the tea.
  • There was the odor of roses and violets and carnations.
  • And there hung about him a faint odor of violets.
  • The air was heavy with the odor of petroleum.
  • To what are the taste and odor of soup owing?
  • He thought he detected the odor of a rodent.
  • From a chapel came an odor of incense.
  • Soon the odor of the cooking stole up into the garret.
  • A faint odor of roses greeted them.
  • The odor of bread and butter does not nauseate them.
  • I loathed the odor of catnip and she knew it.
  • The odor of the vial was still in his nostrils.
  • They sniffed the odor of a bad land.
  • The air is fragrant with the odor of flowers.
  • Gradually the odor of burning leaves grew stronger.
  • Can you distinctly recall the odor of strong cheese?
  • Over all was a smoky odor of kerosene from an oil heater.
  • An odor of stale grease pervaded the place.
  • The room is full of odor of toilet powder.
  • The odor of sulphur dioxide filled the night.
  • A pungent odor of smoke filled her nostrils.
  • The atmosphere is heavy with the odor of ancient fish.
  • The odor of wet evergreens was pungent in their nostrils.
  • I detected the faintest odor of spirits as she spoke.
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