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  • Square of a polynomial.
  • Battles of a bystander.
  • I will speak here of a few of them.
  • Thoughts of a dreamer!
  • Schemes of a visionary!
  • It was all of a piece.
  • Romance of a dictator.
  • Bit of a muddle that!
  • None of a certainty.
  • Picture of a sensualist.
  • Yet all was of a piece.
  • I am all of a twitter.
  • Peace of a churchyard!
  • No more of a highbrow than you are.
  • Lessons of a lifetime.
  • It is now that of a statesman.
  • There is all of a guaranty.
  • These are of a season.
  • Under that of a poet?
  • Keeper of a lighthouse!
  • Confessions of a novelist.
  • It was all of a piece with that.
  • I am all of a twitter!
  • Pluck up the spirit of a man!
  • Pinkey was more of a man than either of them.
  • Too much of a duffer.
  • It was the face of a killer.
  • Now as to the decoration of a room.
  • In the side of a hill.
  • But too much of a hothead.
  • There is the track of a knee!
  • Very much of a woman.
  • It consisted of a few lines only.
  • I was struck all of a heap.
  • That was a gem of a title.

How To Use Of A In A Sentence?

  • Spirit of a cunning one!
  • Perhaps the spirit of a problem.
  • Near the side of a road.
  • What sort of a night have you had?
  • This is the service of a friend.

Definition of Of A

(dated, now dialectal, idiomatic) on every; in the (followed by a noun indicating a certain time)
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