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  • War is the result of the action of the herd instinct in man upon the old instinct of aggression.
  • The world of mankind is a world of oppression and cruelty, and a realm of aggression and error.
  • But Llwellyn made no further movement of aggression and uttered no word of menace.
  • It was easy for these Powers to represent as a defensive war what was really a war of aggression.
  • It is the most straightforward way of meeting whatever plans of aggression Japan may entertain.
  • It was really, he believes, a war of aggression, and England was ultimately responsible for it.
  • Honors won in a defensive fight gave the warrior higher rank than those gained in wars of aggression.
  • Russia represents eastern mentality, which implies an unadmissible spirit of aggression and of conquest.
  • There are new motives of aggression, but at the same time the need and motives for peace are increased.
  • We have been on the defensive long enough; the time has come for us to enter on a war of aggression.
  • How success in that enterprise might have suggested or shaped a further course of aggression, it is now bootless to conjecture.
  • She was conscious of a withdrawal, a closing of doors, a shutting down of her defenses in face of aggression and menace.
  • He was a statesman who directed his whole attention and energy to internal improvement, repudiating all schemes of aggression or conquest.
  • We never contemplated any war of aggression against any of our neighbors, and therefore we never raised an army adequate to such sinister purposes.
  • To have made Darwinism an excuse for a war of aggression is to have debased a sound natural philosophy to a selfish and ignoble end.
  • I am not sure that Russia has ever been responsible for a war of aggression against any of her European neighbors.
  • Maria being of a different physique did not display these signs of aggression exactly, but she invariably became vicious and metaphysically showed her teeth.
  • Nations are always watching one another for the least signs of aggression on the part of their supposed enemies, an attitude which of course is inspired only by apprehension.
  • They sought unity and understanding, out of fear of aggression from their overshadowing neighbours and out of faintly shaping hope of what the northern half-continent might become.
  • Wars of aggression and conquest, though not formally outlawed, are effectively so, and arbitration for the recovery of contract debts is now practically obligatory.
  • The love of combat, especially as it is shown in play indicates the presence of instinctive roots, but it does not show the existence of a definite instinct of aggression.
  • Amongst these circumstances the absence of a numerous feudal cavalry, the relative luxury of city life, and the incapacity of city militia for wars of aggression were the most prominent.
  • But people forget; and it was of vital consequence that virtuous Austria should figure in the coming conflict not as the victim of aggression but as the aggressor.
  • It would be permanent, because here would be no war of aggression in tariffs, or of personal quarrel; no territorial ambitions; no conflict of kings.
  • If a Dyak killed a Malay "under any circumstances of aggression," he was put to death, often with every possible addition of torture.
  • It guards these instinctively, and a part of the purpose of aggression is the desire to make these things prevail in the world, because they are felt to be the only right, true and sensible ways.
  • The tone of this was very even, very usual, but Alicia was aware of a suggestion in it that accused her of aggression, that almost ranged her hostile.
  • Accepting the invasion fear as a ground for voting a loan for a war of defence, there is still no evident reason why they should vote funds for a war of aggression against Belgium.
  • Among these motives are those of sexual rivalry, fear, anger, desire, and the play motive as an expression of any instinctive habits of aggression that may have been phyletically established.
  • The menace of aggression from the east has been brought home to us by the present war; gradually it will be understood even by those Occidentals who at present unhappily lend their support to that aggression.

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  • But no one made a move of aggression.
  • A like test might be applied to other cases of aggression.
  • The fearful hiss is at once the signal of aggression and of peril.
  • It was no longer a war of defense but now a war of aggression and conquest.
  • This land hunger becomes the excuse of nations for their sins of aggression.
  • They have defended their country, but they have never dreamed of aggression.
  • The acts of aggression were sure to recur; it was only the form that varied.
  • To beat back that spirit of aggression was the mission of Nelson.
  • Other acts of aggression followed, and the Company decided upon reprisals.
  • Sometimes, however, I found means of retaliation, even of aggression.
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