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  • He was a man of almost indomitable will.
  • It was a period of almost universal corruption.
  • She felt that he was spoken of almost as an enemy.
  • It is in a state of almost perfect preservation.
  • They are of almost every description under the sun.
  • Since that we have had events of almost every sort.
  • Rendel was a man of almost exaggerated precision and order.
  • Witham made a gesture of almost impatient deprecation.
  • Snorro rose up with a face of almost painful anxiety.
  • His mood was one of almost tremulous elation.
  • There were many other cases of almost equal interest.
  • He thanked her in terms of almost overwhelming gratitude.
  • Soon her visits came to be of almost daily occurrence.
  • Think of almost six weeks lost from college!
  • He lay in the pool of almost all the blood in his body.
  • This is the story of the invasion of almost every disease.
  • We are now left in a bed of almost fathomless mire.
  • Here came forthwith a note of almost abject thanks.
  • Her calmness was the quiet of almost painful self-control.
  • His manner is changed to one of almost boyish happiness.
  • This state of almost frenzied exertion could not last.
  • Again, there were examples of almost incredible temerity.
  • This is a familiar fact of almost every-day observation.
  • He had an expressive face, capable of almost any emotion.
  • This, indeed, is the history of almost every useful art.
  • It flashed back a look of almost love at Catherine.
  • Miss Bacon rose with a smile of almost intense relief.
  • This was the reason of almost all the cruelties and wickedness of the invaders.
  • It was a vigil of almost intolerable perplexity and anguish.
  • The tube is exhausted of almost all its air before being sealed.
  • We are already in possession of almost all the commerce of the world.
  • He supposed it was because of the week of almost continuous rain.
  • There was a suggestion of almost intolerable uneasiness in the movement.
  • Fifty miles of almost uninterrupted travel had broken his spirit.
  • He has hitherto been receiving the homage of almost unequalled popularity.

How To Use Of Almost In A Sentence?

  • Thus he managed to exasperate representatives of almost every class.
  • It contains a little of almost everything that makes up trees.
  • There is a terrible amount of almost agonized earnestness in her tone.
  • And with a flood of almost sobbing invective he let himself go.
  • She had with her certain family jewels of almost priceless value.
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