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  • Flights of birds.
  • Figures of birds on body.
  • The songs of birds are agreeable.
  • We do not understand the notes of birds.
  • With outline figures of birds.
  • Like song in the time of birds.
  • It was a little world of birds.
  • Myriads of birds nested on the island.
  • The structure and classification of birds.
  • There was another flock of birds.
  • He said nothing of birds.
  • Why, it was a king of birds!
  • We are of little account to the race of birds.
  • Over the island hovered myriads of birds.
  • There are very few examples of birds who are bad fathers.
  • What kind of birds are described in the lesson?
  • The songs and the manners of birds correspond.
  • It bears a perpetual crop of birds.
  • Numberless species of birds are peaceful in flocks.
  • More than 200 varieties of birds have been recorded.
  • Scott came in last with only a couple of birds.
  • Plenty of birds of all sorts are found in the island.
  • Small drinking vessels in the form of birds.
  • There are countless myriads of birds in that region.
  • Ruffle a shade unloved of birds that sing.
  • Studies of birds killed in nocturnal migration.
  • In the sweet company of birds and flowers.
  • I first heard the twittering of birds.
  • The book of birds is his greatest delight.
  • It was like watching a nest of birds.
  • But, in the garden there was no sound of birds.
  • I have nowhere seen such countless myriads of birds.
  • Flocks of birds went whirring by over the yellowed fields.
  • She seemed to be looking at a flock of birds in the sky.
  • Migration of birds, 292-296.

How To Use Of Birds In A Sentence?

  • The shops were full of birds from floor to ceiling.
  • It is like the breath of the morning and the song of birds.
  • I saw three or four species of birds.
  • The main cervical and thoracic arteries of birds.
  • I took my notebook and wrote down some names of birds.
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