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  • Here is her certificate of birth.
  • By the misfortune of birth that was all.
  • Just a chance of birth!
  • His instincts are accidents of birth.
  • What was the aristocracy of birth going to do about it?
  • The date of birth is unknown.
  • In heaven she hath her right of birth.
  • A suited place of birth to find.
  • My own studies of season of birth illustrate the matter.
  • What rubbish is this we artists talk of birth and beauty!
  • If to obtain she sells her sweetest rights of birth?
  • Yet that barrier of birth could never be bridged.
  • Oh, poles of birth and death!
  • Names of children in order of birth, 26 words.
  • It reigns by right of conquest, not by right of birth.
  • The billows of birth, love, and death swept over me.
  • I ring the bells of birth, of marriage, and of death.
  • My 9 15 3 8 16 22 is pertaining to the place of birth.
  • But the Vicomte is a man of birth and connections.
  • I know a man of birth when I meet him.
  • Dates of birth are not mentioned, I observe.
  • Where is your pride of birth and rank, Grace Fitzgerald!
  • And many a chief of birth and rank, Saint Helen!
  • He relied as little on the authority of office as on that of birth.
  • Were the mere accidents of birth the only things to be considered?
  • That's the advantage of birth and education.
  • This was viewed in the same way as any other accident of birth or upbringing.
  • They bear themselves in walking as though they were of birth and descent.
  • Your aristocratic philosopher can afford to be disdainful of birth.
  • Has it been waiting from all eternity to occupy each body the moment of birth?
  • Is not the kindred of a common fate a closer tie than that of birth?
  • The desire to meet persons of birth was near to a mania with him.
  • Its congenital absence or absence at the time of birth is known.
  • Except for an accident of birth, she might be sitting now among them.
  • What a beautiful thought to give a child of the divine mystery of birth!

How To Use Of Birth In A Sentence?

  • Between them there existed a wide barrier of birth that was of necessity unsurmountable.
  • The aristocracy of birth is very seldom willing to acknowledge the aristocracy of brain.
  • Your title to the throne is founded on a better right than that of the accident of birth.
  • He would alter the life of the citizens of his state from the very moment of birth.
  • Public privileges or disadvantages arising out of birth or rank shall be abolished.
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