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  • With wide eyes of blue!
  • It was a case of blue velours.
  • And hear the bells of blue.
  • It is full of blue darks.
  • If they were black instead of blue.
  • There was a glint of blue on them yet.
  • The hollow sky was a cup of blue.
  • They pulled up on the brink of a sea of blue.
  • He threw a covering of blue and gold.
  • At the right there was a glimmer of blue water.
  • The whole wood is a sea of blue.
  • Then came the screech of blue jays.
  • Spit out a shower of blue and white brightness.
  • The strip of blue overhead was cloudless.
  • In feathery fields of purple and of blue!
  • And you cast this from you for a pair of blue eyes!
  • Who ever heard of blue robins?
  • The bag for the pipe was of blue velvet.
  • Everywhere else the chairs are of blue cloth.
  • And she held out a knot of blue ribbon.
  • The land was a thin line of blue on the horizon.
  • But a palsy seems to have settled on the lines of blue.
  • At the bottom of the lane was a glimpse of blue water.
  • Through the visacrys windows a blur of blue-green.
  • That little slender column of blue smoke!
  • The sky was an inverted cup of blue metal.
  • The grass opened eyes of blue violets.
  • Again he saw the clear look from those eyes of blue.
  • Clouds of blue shrapnel smoke broke around its gondola.
  • Thick clouds of blue cigar smoke filled the air.
  • The good, for he had a glimpse of blue sky.
  • In the centre stood a tent of blue silk cloth.
  • The rock face was marked as with the splatter of blue lead.
  • Rifts of blue sky showed in the leaden blanket overhead.
  • I thought of brown with a touch of blue and burnt-orange.

How To Use Of Blue In A Sentence?

  • I stooped over to git a look at that sheet of blue paper.
  • Pauline held up a sample of blue and white striped dimity.
  • Once a gang of blue coats was coming down de road.
  • And presently he saw a lake of blue water far away.
  • A particular shade of blue; she could not describe it.
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