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  • Tribes of Canada.
  • True it is we have not the power of Canada.
  • The area of Canada is immense.
  • Asia was forgotten before the reality of Canada.
  • And she had always liked the idea of Canada.
  • The population of Canada is comparatively small.
  • The neutrals speculated on the attitude of Canada.
  • This is one of the coldest parts of Canada.
  • It was a critical period in the history of Canada.
  • Not only in mileage were the railways of Canada notable.
  • A check list of the freshwater fishes of Canada.
  • If they died, they died worthily of Canada.
  • National Museum of Canada.
  • This is a favorite dish with the French of Canada.
  • A checklist of the freshwater fishes of Canada and Alaska.
  • Sketches of Canada and the United States.
  • First steps of Project Gutenberg of Canada.
  • A name which the Indians gave to the Governor of Canada.
  • Alpine Club of Canada, Spec.
  • Elgin, Lord, governor-general of Canada, 72.
  • North America, west of the Plains and south of Canada.
  • Dominion of Canada.
  • There was no temptation to them to take possession of Canada.
  • Of Canada, 124.
  • Don't the people of Canada stand for it?
  • The wealth of Canada tended to concentrate in a few dominating groups.
  • LOGAN, of Canada, Hon.
  • Like everyone else they had heard of Canada and thought of coming out.
  • The fruit of Canada is not remarkable either for excellence or cheapness.
  • It was a flock of the great grey geese of Canada which now approached.
  • More important than the gold-mines of Canada are its coal-fields.
  • Montreal is the centre also of the great inland navigation system of Canada.
  • A new form of dusky shrew from the prairie provinces of Canada.
  • A natural comparison led us presently to the subject of Canada.
  • A Tale of Canada.
  • So the man was discharged and pronounced free according to the laws of Canada.

How To Use Of Canada In A Sentence?

  • Their influence on the political fortunes of Canada has been necessarily very considerable.
  • More and more the young men of Canada continued to visit the savages at their villages.
  • He has doffed the politician for the moment and now comes out a ruling pedagogue of Canada.
  • Whatever else is true of Canada there can be no doubt that it turns out delightful golfers.
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