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  • They cared neither for the helplessness of the old nor the harmlessness of childhood.
  • They recall the pleasures of childhood and provide those pleasures for the children.
  • You cannot fail to see how decidedly these dreams of childhood are opposed to this conception.
  • Some mental accident impressed this picture on the purblind memory of childhood.
  • Blessings upon all the books that are the delight of childhood and youth and unperverted manhood!
  • He carries with him even to the grave some grains of the recklessness and petulance of childhood.
  • This satisfied me that people should never impose upon the simplicity of childhood.
  • They spent their abandoned wildness of childhood in the nearby hills and forests.
  • We gathered in with its sheaf of fragrant days the choicest harvest of childhood.
  • I had lost the meagerness of childhood and began to feel a new and delightful affluence.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Of Childhood | Of Childhood Sentence

  • Sweet innocence of childhood!
  • These bitter sorrows of childhood!
  • The days of childhood are the best.
  • The ductility of childhood has its dangerous side.
  • The soul of genius and the heart of childhood are one.
  • Now turn again and see the ruddy bloom of childhood.
  • Are the ghost stories of childhood fit for mature age?
  • Black boy; a record of childhood and youth.
  • Solitude of Childhood.
  • Indeed I remember little of childhood but its pain.
  • Oh for the simple ways of childhood, And its joys!
  • A Garland of Childhood.
  • The Affliction of Childhood.
  • It was the challenge of childhood to the fatherhood of the man.
  • The potent traditions of childhood are stereotyped in its verses.
  • But there are certain convictions of childhood which are never effaced.
  • What biblical material stands out in your memory of childhood?
  • Families are for the spiritual development of youth as well as of childhood.
  • Probably it was as little extinguished as his soft dream of childhood.
  • Romney did not always succeed in suggesting the simplicity of childhood.
  • A third of the possible population die in the years of childhood.
  • The traditional games are the game of life itself in terms of childhood.
  • So clearly come out the scenes of childhood under the shadow of death.
  • Days of Childhood.
  • The sorrows of childhood are sometimes deeper than we of maturer years realize.
  • I have said nothing of a hope of reward as among the objects of childhood.
  • A week ago she had not yet emerged fully from the chrysalis of childhood.
  • Ah, we do not easily relinquish the fond memories of childhood.
  • It is a disease of childhood, though adults sometimes contract it.
  • You are past the age of childhood, and have not the excuse of tender years.
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