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  • Marko was coming out of church when the courier dashed up to him with the missive.
  • I was relieved by the knowledge that that party of church-goers were out of the way.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Of Church | Of Church Sentence

  • We got out of church.
  • Separation of church and state.
  • He was not very fond of church.
  • People are coming out of church now.
  • This was the origin of church bells.
  • That gang of church-pillars!
  • Everybody coming out of church was talking of it.
  • Only think of church-decking!
  • Every student of church history knows this.
  • To him the work of church organization was intrusted.
  • I had met the good ladies as we came out of church.
  • What are the special common interests of church and family?
  • Nina saw them there next day when she came out of church.
  • A sound of church-bells came through the evening twilight.
  • I met her coming out of church....
  • I am not talking of Church services.
  • Masquerades proceed in spite of Church and King.
  • He had even advocated a separation of Church and State.
  • As she came out of church, she was joined by Mr Bellingham.
  • A Story of Church Defence.
  • The Hostels of Church Dignitaries.
  • This is the sort of Church Reform that I propose.
  • Author of "Church History of Scotland" and other works.
  • The True Principles of Church Restoration.
  • A Tragic Play of Church and Stage.
  • Interior of church.
  • Scott, G. History of Church Architecture.
  • One of the most important subjects is that of church property.
  • In this practice was there a union or a separation of church and state?
  • Family worship is not a diminutive facsimile of church worship.
  • Mary's music reminded him of church.
  • Pocahontas contrasted this chill with the warmth of church socials at home.
  • The present youth are the future leaders of church and state.
  • When the services were over, they filed slowly out of church.
  • From the distance came the melodious pealing of church bells.
  • The episcopal form of church government was immediately established.
  • Has justice no weight or meaning in the government of church organizations?
  • Hidden away in trunks are hundreds of church letters that should be coaxed out.
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